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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 2908

GCSE Source Work: The Georgian Period

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Victoria Harmer

Question 2A

Maister house is one of Hull’s biggest Georgian residences and was built over 250 years ago. The Maister’s were merchants from Kent and were probably attracted to Hull by the prospect of sharing profitable north European trade. The move from Kent to Hull was the key to their fame and fortune. The building had to be replaced in 1743 because of a tragic fire but the new building is far superior. This essay it to try and establish when and who started the fire from 7 different sources.

        To try and discover this I am going to start by beginning with source 1. Source 1 is from ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine, for 1743’. This is a primary source and the magazine was probably aimed at upper class males in those days. The source says that the fire was on the 13th April and some people have unhappily lost their lives. It says the deaths were Henry Maister whom had a seat in Parliament, his wife and two children. This source is quite useful as it has given us a date and deaths of the fire but on the other hand no specific times or details are given. This source is not very reliable because we don’t know this magazine or the writer and whether it is fact or not. This source does not give any indication as to who/what started the fire.

         Source 2 is from ‘York Courant, for 19th April 1743’. This is also a primary source from York and at that time York was not considered local like it is today. The source is reporting from the 15th

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        After reading each source and trying to establish when the fire was and who started can only be predicted. As to who started the fire only one source has information and suggests a ‘scotch joiner’ but is very unreliable and gives no motive or reason either. The date of the fire is mentioned in a couple of sources and backed up slightly by others. The same date is mentioned in two sources which is the 12th April and then another source which is factual from a death register says the bodies were buried on the 15th April therefore maybe the date of the 12th is quite plausible. Finally apart from source 5, St. Mary’s Parish Register, cannot be taken as facts as we do not know of any interpretations and can only assume they are what they say. For example the writer in source 6 says, ‘among the ruins the heart of one of the maids was found’, it is very unlikely and probably impossible that if anything a heart would be found from a fire.

Victoria Harmer

Question 2B

        Source 6 gives more details about the fire than in any other source but has both its strengths and weaknesses. The source is a secondary source form the Beverley Guardian, 21st April 1877 and is headed, ‘from a private diary’ and it might have been written from the diary of a Beverley man in about 1780. The audience of this source was probably educating middle-class people of Beverley.

        The first weakness’ I can see from looking at this source is

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        I think the main reason for the decline in High street was the development of places like Bristol and Liverpool, which had different methods of transporting goods which gave the countries overseas a better choice of delivering goods. I think the prospects of High street will be expensive flats were young rich city people want to live. Also new projects such as ‘the deep’ have been placed near here so maybe in the future prospects for Hull will be planned on High street.

A table to show what the houses down High street are used for today;











Public House




A pie chart to show what the houses down High street are used for today;image00.png

Victoria Harmer

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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