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  • Level: GCSE
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Gender Data Investigation.

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Gender Data Investigation. Introduction The Data we are investigating consists of three pieces of dialogue involving males and females talking together. Extract 1 is interactional in terms of purpose and the speakers are their own audience, it is with a social context. Extract 2 is edited to only give the greeting and the farewells of the dialogue, it also has an interactional purpose, but is intended for a very wide audience, as it is in the context of a radio phone-in the wide audience is the general listening public. Extract 3 is a three-way dialogue that has transactional purposes in the context of a couple visiting a minister to arrange their wedding. Whilst studying the Lexis and Semantics of the three extracts I discovered that the words used in extract 1showed and accent as some of the words were shortened "ya'" instead of 'you' "ta" instead of 'to' and the most obvious one is "pa" instead of dad or father. This is very different to the words used in extract 2, even though the words are friendly they are also a lot more formal "Bye Now" for example is much more formal than "see ya". ...read more.


Tom continually interrupts the minister as he talks, all of these points prove the conclusions about language and gender that linguists have suggested. Whilst studying the grammar and syntax of these three extracts I discovered that both the male and female in extract 1-use short sentences and the male always begins his sentence before the female has finished speaking. The sentences in extract 2 are very repetitive they all have "good morning" in them; this may be because this extract only shows the greeting and the farewell from a DJ on a radio show. Extract 3's sentences are completely the opposite of the other two extracts, these sentences are long and more complex, and there is not much sentence overlapping. The men seem to say more than the woman in this extract. The speakers in the 3rd extract make the most use of Standard English; this may be because of where the conversation is taking place, which may be inside the church. It could also be because of whom they are talking to, a minister is classed as an 'upper class' person, it may also be because of the subject that they are talking about, as a wedding is a very formal event. ...read more.


In extract 2 the DJ begins the conversation with each caller in the same way, he uses the same greeting "good morning" every time he addresses the caller. I could not analyse the way the conversation developed as I was only given the beginning and the end of the conversations. I think this could be a part of convergence and trying to make the other speaker feel more comfortable. In extract 1 the male speaker often tried to change the subject of the discourse. Where as the female is constantly attempting to change the subject back to what she was originally trying to discuss. She fails at every attempt to do this and as a result I got the impression the male was the dominant speaker out of the two. I believe that this may have made the female quite uncomfortable, as it appears that she was being undermined. In extract 2 and 3 I felt that the minister and the DJ were undermining the women speakers. They seem to constantly dominate the conversation. In conclusion I think that in all the extracts the male feels that he has to dominate the conversation constantly. These extracts are highly gender biased. ...read more.

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