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'Globe Trotting Trainers'

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English Coursework – Non fiction

‘Globe Trotting Trainers’

The article ‘Globe Trotting Trainers’ is intended to persuade readers to complain about the exploitation of workers in lesser economically developed countries. The writer tries to persuade the reader to do something about it.

The piece is written for teenagers or young adults. I know this because the title of the magazine is ‘Young People Magazine.’ Alternatively the article uses fashionable makes which are mostly associated with teenagers or younger people. Also it talks about friends, adults work lives are generally too hectic for them to have a significant social life. The article is probably written for Christian teenagers as the article is written by Christian Aid and therefore probably sold through churches.

I think the writer is trying to argue that the workers of these L.E.D.C’s are being exploited “A pair of trainers sells for £50 in Britain… But the forty or so factory workers in the Philippines who make the trainers will share just over £1 between them.” I think the writer is getting consumers to use their consumer power to not buy the products being advertised, by appealing to the consumers conscience, bringing to their attention the plight of the workers in L.E.D.C’s.

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The five companies, which are named are Reebok, Nike, Puma, Hi-tech and Adidas. The writer has chosen these five companies, as they are big names that consumers trust. Also I think the writer wanted to ‘name and shame’ the worst companies.

The word that is used twice is ‘wrong.’ This word has a secret meaning, it’s emphasising that what the sports shoe companies are doing is wrong.

There are words in the second paragraph, which makes the reader feel that the writer is speaking directly to them. Firstly the word ‘sure’, sure means yes but in the context the writer is giving it. It makes it colloquial this is done to give the effect.  

“They design logos for them, they write snappy adverts for them, they pay athletes a fortune to promote them, they market and sell them but they don’t make them.” The full stops have been used in incorrect places an example of this is when the writer says, “They market and sell them. But”

‘But’ is a connective there does not need to be a full stop before a connective but the writer is making a rhetorical point. This is to get the reader involved, it’s a way to keep them hooked.

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        In the eighth paragraph the word ‘challenged’ is used

‘When challenged the sport shoe companies.’ When the writer uses the word ‘challenged’ It shows that Christian Aid are being forceful, accusing the companies of doing something wrong they want the sport shoe companies to justify themselves so the listener can being to try and understand why the companies are enforcing strict rules on the workers. The writer has chosen them because they are the three biggest sport shoe companies. The companies all give poor answers to the question asked ‘what are you doing to improve conditions for your workers.’ They all have different attitudes. Nike contrast with Adidas because Adidas say ‘its not our business’ and Nike say ‘The workers are lucky’ this shows that Nike have taken an interest into the workers but Adidas don’t think its important that the workers are accounted for. Reebok gave the best response in saying that they are dealing with the problem.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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