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Handling Data project- Mayfield High School

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Handling Data project- Mayfield High School Introduction- In this project, I will investigate whether there is a relationship between the height and weight of pupils. Mayfield high is a fictitious high school, but the data presented is based on a real school. The total numbers of students in the entire school are 1183 and we are provided with a range of data for each individual pupil. As the data is too large to be exhibited conveniently, for my line for my line of inquiry, I have chosen to compare the heights and weights of pupils from year group 7 and 11. Hypothesis- 'as the heights of pupils increase so will the weights' The total population I too large, so I will be using a sampling method of stratified random sampling. I will need to take a sample from the total population of year 7 and 11. ...read more.


Using this method of sampling will mean the population of years 7 and 11 will have an equal chance of being selected, and this avoids bias. The reasons for choosing to compare the heights and weight of years 7 and 11 pupils is so that it is easer o recognise the relationship between height and weight as there is a significant amount of difference between the years. There is a possibility of problems arising, such as insufficient data. Therefore when taking samples adequate precautions must be taken to ensure accurate information. The data can also be inaccurate and this may lead to anomalies. I will now show how I have selected the pupils' heights and weights in years 7 and 11 using the method of stratified sampling. Year group Boys Girls Total number of pupils 7 151 131 282 11 84 86 170 Total of years 7+11= 452 Method of stratified sampling The number of pupils of any gender ...read more.


I will try and use measures of central tendency such as standard deviation and mean median and mode to measure how far from the mean the data is spread. For my conclusion I expect to achieve the following: * The heights and weights for year 1 pupils will be greater than the year 7 pupils. * If the height and weight has a connection, then if pupils grow taller then the weight will most probably increase too. You would expect the pupils to grow taller during the years 7 and 1 they weight is likely to increase. We will be seeing a significant amount of difference between the weights and eights of pupils in years 7 and 11. * When analysing the data, I will determine whether there is a relationship between the height and weight by analysing how strong the correlation is between the variables. * I expect some anomalies as in some cases the weight and height will not be proportional e.g. Pupils may be short in height and yet over weight. ...read more.

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