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Hidden Identities.

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Hidden Identities

“Sarah…SARAH!!” Jess yelled as she was desperately running to try to catch up with Sarah. Sarah whipped her head around and replied “Yes, I’m waiting for you, stop yelling at me already!” The girls walked briskly through the rain to seek shelter with the other girls who had been on time for their meeting.

“Sarah, why are you so late? You do realise that I said the meeting was going to be at mid-day and not midnight, didn’t you?” Hannah asked furiously. Sarah simply shrugged her shoulders and went and sat down beside Celina, who gasped in shock that Sarah had ‘chose’ to sit next to her. “As I was saying,” continued Hannah, “we need to set up a fire in order to produce smoke so that people overhead will notice us, if anyone goes past.

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When the meeting was finished, all the girls filed out of the shelter in order to catch the sun as the rain had stopped. Nikki went out in order for her too to enjoy the sun. She walked out relaxed, but as she walked outside, she could feel a chill run down her spine, almost as if, as if she could feel a presence around her. She decided to go and find out what this meant. She had wondered off several metres away from the shelters, and it was then that she saw a funny figure hanging down from the tree-top. She started screaming and sprinted back to the shelter as fast as she possibly could.

Hannah shouted as loud as she could in order to attract Nikki’s attention, but Nikki was still in utmost shock and recovering from her faint.

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Hannah was walking so fast to get away to stop the weeping sounds that she walked straight into Michelle who had been sitin on the grass moaning to the twins, Sally and Emily who had now become so board, that they had started to talk about their being back at home.

The two girls straightened their clothes as they slowly strolled off the plane. But, this time, they had both, along with the rest of their peers, made a conscious effort to try and look remotely girlish for some, or stunning. Despite the girlishness of many of the girls, they were all willing, all fifteen of them, to take part in a week lasting ‘job’ that they were going to be undertaking.

As soon as they had completed their immigration forms, they climbed onto their coach, which was to take them, not to the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur for shopping, but to the most unexpected areas of Malaysia, Taman Niagara, and the beautiful rainforest.

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