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How Business Works

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How Business Works

For task one of my How Business Works assignment I am going to take the car manufacture Ford. For task one I will have to discuss and explain the history, aim, objectives and activities of Ford.

  • 1903 and the car manufacture Henry Ford Incorporated was established this company is now known as Ford they sold their first car a Model A to a dentist in Chicago.
  • 1908 Henry Ford introduces the Model T which was very popular.
  • 1913 the company began to trade overseas and Ford invented the assembly. The assembly which is used everywhere today.  
  • 1922 the company is now doing extremely well and the Ford Company decides to buy Lincoln Motor Company.
  • In 1942 Henry Ford halts the out put of civilian cars because of world war two and shifts to military production.
  • 1947 and Henry Ford dies in his estate in Michigan but the company does not die with him but develops into one of the worlds largest car manufactures and operates globally. Ford also now developed or has taken over (Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, land rover and Aston martin.)
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Another aim for Ford would be that its other branches and labels would do well. Ford is over seven different companies (Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, land rover and Aston martin.)

Most of these companies were set up because the British people didn’t want to buy for as it was thought of as a cheap unreliable car so they set up names like jaguar and man it to an exclusive and expensive name of car which only the rich and famous could afford. Which boosted the profits of the company but there was no realy any difference with the ford and jaguar the only difference was the outer shell of them as the engines and part were nearly the same.

Fords Objectives

An objective is something that helps you achieve an aim or goal and if one of your aims were to have a good attendance record for a year then your objective would be to attend 90% of your school days.

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Tertiary sector

The tertiary sector call also is found under the service sector. This sector is split into four different sections.

  • Public services: These are personal services
  • Financial and business service: including Banks, Insurance.
  • Transport and communication: haulage, bus and train providers, radio.
  • Retailing, Distribution: Ford  would use both of these areas a lot as ford has its own show rooms and shops and also it has its own delivery lorries.

Fords activities would be:

  • Research and design.
  • Put it into production.
  • Record it and make sure there are no faults.
  • Advertise make it public knowledge and put into its show rooms.
  • Sell the product and make sure the customer is happy.
  • Go back to the drawing board and start again.

Mission statement

  • Our Vision - To become the world's leading consumer company for automotive products and services
  • Our Mission – We are a global, diverse family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing outstanding products and services that improve people's lives.
  • Our Values – The customer is Job 1. We do the right thing for our customers, our people, our environment and our society. By improving everything we do, we provide superior returns to our shareholders.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Gary's (and other) Car Sales section.

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