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How I can get started. I could start by by drawing different T-shapes and using 12 different grid-sizes. I could explore as many aspects of the task as possible, explaining why and how, and develop the task into new areas.

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Ryan Chimene 11V

Mathematics Coursework (T-Shapes).

What does the task tell me?

This task tells me that I could investigate a number of different number grids and discover a lot of surprising information by so doing. It also tells me about the t-number and T-total and how I can create or identify one.

What does the task ask me?

This task is asking me to predict and check for facts and to work on different size grids. I have also been asked to write down questions which might occur to me and probably help me to find out more about the task. I have to link words, tables, diagrams, graphs, calculations and algebra.

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Which connection is possible?

The connection between the graphs and the tables of my results. I had to find-out the type of pattern which would show-up if I used the data I placed in my tables.

Is there a result to help me?

Yes, the tables which I constructed by collecting a number of t-numbers and then working out their T-totals. For each different number-grid I used, I had to start a new table in order to identify the different patterns found in the t-numbers and T-totals.

Is there a pattern?

I have done a table for each of my 12 grid-sizes, which show the t-numbers and T-totals that I recorded.

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This task has made me realise that there are so many patterns to be discovered in mathematics and they are all leading to a clear reasoning which just shows up once you have taken the steps needed to reach that point.

Using algebra also has an effect in helping me understand more about the work and also has it's pattern charactristics, which are complicated but still make sense once you focus on the formulae; Algebra makes the answers get squeezed up into a shorter explanation . For example, instead of writing 62+50+38+26+14+3+2+1= 196 you could just express it as T= 8t - 300, when t = 62. This coursework just gets my full reasoning, accuracy and draws upon the evidence I have presented.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE T-Total section.

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