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I usually get woken up from my peaceful slumber the annoying sound of a badly tuned radio, with a loud northern women shouting in her scoucer accent 'its mornin!'.

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I usually get woken up from my peaceful slumber the annoying sound of a badly tuned radio, with a loud northern women shouting in her scoucer accent ‘its mornin!’. In a vain attempt to shut her up I try to reach across to turn her off. This results in me falling out of bed, this is when it dawns on me, I have to get up.

I then proceed to amble my way like a large monkey with my arms touching the ground to the shower. As I have two elder brothers and a mum and dad, they have all had showers and are ready to tackle the day ahead, so this means the shower is the temperature of Ann Robinson’s icy stare on a bad day. The only good point that I can fathom from this would be that it does wake me up and get me moving quickly! Once this has been done I wander back into my room to get dressed.

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Now I make my way to school with the aid of my mum. She must drop me off insanely early as she must be at work early, and I would get the train or the bus but these two involve money which is in short supply for me at the moment. I make my way as slowly as possibly along the same route every day. Past the sports board to see if I am in anything in the coming weeks. As it is the football season and rugby has not been introduced yet I only see, year 11 football, Matt Jones

Sub Goalkeeper. This position entails me to go along with the rest of the team and watch them play as usually there is no need for an extra goalkeeper. I then make my way to my form room where again no one is here and wont be for another 10 minutes. So I sit, and sit a little

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Now on to the word that almost any teenage fears, homework. Although that I may not agree with the amount given I must do it, it’s a fact of life almost. Yet one of the reasons I do it is the satisfaction of having no homework to do, knowing that you’ve done everything and you are allowed to sit in front of the t.v, just doing nothing. That Is what I love.

To bed, to bed, to bed. Well said Shakespeare. I love bed, its warm, its my own place that I completely mine and I don’t have to share it with my brothers or anyone else. I can just lie there watching t.v for as little or as long as I want, Which I do, do regularly. Then I go to sleep, to face another day of cold showers, off milk and sublime sandwiches.

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