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Impacts of tourism Positive and Negative effects in Castleton

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Impacts of tourism

Positive and Negative effects

I have discovered that many locals heavily rely upon tourists to earn their livings and to afford to live in such an expensive area as Castleton, where a small cottage will cost about £100,000. Locals running services for tourists do inflate their prices therefore creating much profit, particularly in the summer months. This is not a problem for locals as their lives and livelihoods have certainly been protected by the attraction of the quaint village in the countryside which is appealing to many city dwellers, i will go into detail on these issues later in this section of my project.

There is also a downside to this for the locals.

The locals don't have many services for themselves in the village, there are virtually no shops for locals. Also tourists cause many other problems such as traffic – the roads are often congested, litter and noise. There are also some conflicts over land use.

The locals do have some benefits from the tourist industry, such as good public transport links, but they wish for something to be done about the many problems in the village.

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Point 4

Point 4 is situated at the top of Pindale road on one of the smaller ways to exit Castleton from. There was no litter in the area that could be spotted without looking for it, bins are situated in this area. there is absolutly no noise, or crime in the area and the landscape consists of mainly fields and has no buildings. There is noticable erosion in this area because of it being a footpath and in almost constant use throghout the summer months and also less frequently in the winter. there is not traffic in the area because of it being a footpath but farming vehicles have access to the fiels surrounding the footpath. There is lots of vegetation because of the fields and small woods surrounding the footpath and the environment is clean from pollution with it being a  long distance from the centre of the village. Lots of pedestrians pass through this area being of the simple reason that it is a footpath.

Point 5

Point 5 is situated in the very centre of the roads and tourist shops in the the village.

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Point 10

Point 10 is situated at the Mam tor ar park on the A6187 joining to the B6061 which leads to Castleton. There was quite a lot of litter in this area because of an obvious lack of bins. The only noise in the area was the cars passing by the car park whcih were quite frequent and noisy on the roads surface. There were no visible buildings in this area. There was no crime to be seen in this area. There was erosion on the paths leading fron the car park to the main footpaths and it was quite difficult to walk in some areas. There was no signs of pollution in the area except for the pollution caused by the car park. The are huge amounts of vegetation in this area including trees, bushes and grassy areas. Wildlife couyld be seen in this area. There were little signs of pedestrians in this area apart from the ones leaving and entering their cars and the walkers using the footpaths.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Fencing Problem section.

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