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In 'A Question of Blood' by Ian Rankin Detective Inspector John Rebus has been asked to advise in a case which involves a former member of the SAS (Special Air Services) which Rebus has tried to join in the past.

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John Marr 6S                Specialist Study

Ian Rankin

        In ‘A Question of Blood’ by Ian Rankin Detective Inspector John Rebus has been asked to advise in a case which involves a former member of the SAS (Special Air Services) which Rebus has tried to join in the past. In this essay I am going to study the that Inspector Rebus is called into the investigation and how he starts to take control of the investigation and calls it his own while being on investigation himself.

        The book starts off with Rebus in the Accident and Emergency department of the Infirmary being treated for scalded hands for falling in a bath of scalding hot water. This is what links Rebus with the investigation as he was seen drinking with a man who had been harassing his colleague and close friend Siobhan Clarke. The same man died in a chip pan fire just after Rebus had left which leaves everyone in Lothian and Borders Police suspicious of him as it seems the only people who would know that to get rid off evidence would be to light the chip pan are the Police and the Fire Brigade. This also leaves Rebus’s moves being watched.

        While this investigation has been started, another one is already underway.

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        When hearing the names of the two boys who were killed it left Rebus with a personal conflict as one of them was the son of his cousin. What it also leaves is a choice for Rebus as if he tells Hogan about it being family then he will be brought off the case and be on suspension, while on the other hand if he doesn’t then he will not be suspended and has a personal motive of getting a result. The decision that he made was an obvious one, he wanted to know the motive of why the gunman had done what he done.

        While this investigation was just starting, another one was underway and a certain DI John Rebus was the prime suspect. The investigation involves a fire in which a body was found. The body was identified as a Martin Fairstone. This Fairstone was hassling Rebus’s close friend and colleague Siobhan Clarke and Rebus had decided to pay him a visit at his local pub and then went back to his house for a ‘drink’. Rebus is the prime suspect in the case as he was the last one to see him alive because after Rebus had left, the house was on fire a few hours later.

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        He was then called off suspension when someone who also had a vendetta against Fairstone and went to his house after rebus had left and killed him.

        My conclusion to this is that Rebus was first called into the case as an advisor then when he had a personal motive; he had got involved to solve the case as though he was running the show. While he was under investigation he had to worry about the threat of not being able to solve the case, he had to prove his innocence till they eventually got the right person.

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