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In my investigation I will be trying to find out the average loss of money from 1st hand, to 2nd hand as the age of the car go up.

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In my investigation I will be trying to find out the average loss of money from 1st hand, to 2nd hand as the age of the car go up.

What I will do to find this out is to firstly separate them into colour and the cars which have the same number I will be looking at. When I find the most popular car I will be looking at it more closely to see how the prices of the cars change.

I was given with a sheet of paper with lots of different pieces of data on such as car prices when new and second hand the mileage how old the car was what colour it was and also the make of the car.

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These results show me that the blue car is the most popular colour of car. This kind of proves my hypothesis right because I said that there would be a lot of colours with loads of car with that colour and they would be the better-known colours.


Now I am going to be looking at the blue cars in more detail what I will be looking at is how the price of the car changes when a car gets older. So I will be looking at the price of the car when new then I will be comparing on to the price of the car second and I will find out how mush the car has gone down in price


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The equation that you would use to find out how much you would loose when selling your car would be price of car when new – 2nd hand price or if your just wanted to find how much annual loss you make it would be loss / age of car

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