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In this investigation I am going to look into the number of goals scored against the league position in the 2002/03 season.

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In this investigation I am going to look into the number of goals scored against the league position in the 2002/03 season.

I want to take 5 teams out of the league because this gives a variety data so it will be accurate. To get these teams I will use a random numbers devise and the numbers it says I will use the corresponding league position e.g. if it picks out number 5 I would use the team that came 5th in the league which was Liverpool. I am using this method because it is easy to use and it will give a cross-section of the league. That should help me get accurate data.

When I used the random number devise. Which was ‘ran#’ button on my calculator. They results where as follows-





Aston Villa






Man Utd



West Ham



Man City


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Graph 1 shows a strong inverse correlation between goals and league position. So the lower (1st being the lowest and 20th being the highest) the league position the higher the amount of goals scored.

I will now look to see weather the amount of goals scored against makes a difference. I will

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I am now going to look in to the relationship between goals scored and goals conceded.image02.png

Graph 5

This graph shows that point at which a positive goal difference changes to being a negative goal difference. Using the graph I have determined the cross over point to be 8th position. That means only 40% of team’s finish with a positive goal difference.


My conclusion is that there is a strong correlation between goals scored and league position. I have came to this conclusion thought analysing all the data. Also I have found that the top teams share most of the goals and the league is unevenly balanced. I have come to this conclusion because of the position of the cross over point not being half way.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE IQ Correlation section.

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