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In what context does President Bush use the word freedom? According to the Gage dictionary, freedom is "the condition of not being under another's control." There are many different degrees and means of control

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The English language has many words which lack clear definitions, and as a result of their ambiguity, lack true meaning. Consequently, when using such vague words, the possibilities are limitless, for their versatility accommodates to one’s liking.  Thus, as George Orwell explains in “Politics and the English language”, meaningless words are appealing, especially to politicians, because they help to hide true intentions and to rationalize actions.  President George W. Bush of the United States of America demonstrates this problem,(of one who uses meaningless words in order to mislead his audience.  When the “President outlines)whendeclaring his “steps to help Iraq achieve democracy and freedomwith words such as “freedom, security, democracy, and terror” to describe the situation in Iraq.  By using the words without specifying their meaning, he fails to specify his role in Iraq.  Also, by contrasting abstract words, particularily “democracy” and “terror”, President Bush trivializes the issue surrounding his occupation of Iraq.  The President’s success in hiding his real ‘agenda’ and in rationalizing his presence in Iraq indicates the power of language and its potential as a tool for manipulation.

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present his plans in Iraq.  TheHis speech outlines steps towards achieving ideals, yet, how can one realize what is abstract and variable in meaning? President Bush giveshas givenhis audience the false pretense that he is divulgingsharing with everyone, his intentions in Iraq, and each move that he will make in the country.  On the contrary, he tells his audience little,In reality, he reveals little, merely mentioning that he means to introduce America’s cherished values to Iraq.  What methods he will use are unmentioned.  Yet, by using meaningless words, President Bush has ensured that he does not need to inform the public of his tactics.Rather, hisBush’s talk of democracy and freedom pacifies the people who would otherwise question his actions in Iraq.  Unfortunately, the willingness of people to accept empty words without demanding that their meaning be specified shows that a politician can mislead his audience into accepting a move they would otherwise reject.and do whatever he please, even if the public would otherwise reject.

“In our time, political speech and writing are largely in the defense of the indefensible.”(Orwell)

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accept the trivialized version of issues surrounding Iraq and fail to understand the complexity of the situation.  As a result they are pacified and rendered powerless. Orwell draws an insightful correlation between something as seemingly harmless as general terms and the very stability of this world. The ability of words to influence the state of world affairs and millions of lives exemplifies the importance of communication between people and the need to strive for blunt, unambiguous terms that help uncover and convey the truth.

Possibly could say something not just about meaningless words but also about euphemisms. The English language contains many synonyms, which though useful for precise descriptions in literature and science, present the opportunity for softening the truth with less harsh equivalents (i.e. euphemisms) Never mind, the essay is good (i wrote this before i started checking the essay just as an idea and now it would just ruin the coherence).

Good job Alina, we are both proud of you.

[a]This is a good sentence. Well done...ah, so proud of my Alina...hahahahah.

[b]I just changed the order, nothing else...yeah, i know im picky, hey its ur fault for letting me check it.

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