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Investigate text (letters, words, sentences) in English or Welsh newspapers, comparing articles from both a Tabloid and Broadsheet newspaper.

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Mathematics Coursework 2005 Data Handling This coursework task is to so with handling data. I am going to investigate text (letters, words, sentences) in English or Welsh newspapers, comparing articles from both a Tabloid and Broadsheet newspaper. For my Broadsheet newspaper, I will use an article from The Daily Telegraph. My chosen Tabloid is The Daily Express. Both articles are based on the same topic. Hypothesis I think that: * The Broadsheet will have a larger amount of letters in the words. (a longer word length) * The Broadsheet will have a larger amount of words in the sentences (a longer sentence length) * The Broadsheet will take longer to read I aim to prove these points through collecting and analysing data. I am going to collect 2 types of quantitative data. By counting the amount of letters in words I will gain discrete data. I will also gain discrete data by counting the amount of words in sentences. When I time the time taken to read 400 words from both of the newspapers I will gain continuous data. For all of the data I will use a sample of 40. ...read more.


of words in sentences Frequency Cumulative frequency 0 < n < 5 1 1 5 < n < 10 3 4 10 < n < 15 11 15 15 < n < 20 11 26 20 < n < 25 6 32 25 < n < 30 7 39 30 < n < 35 1 40 Mean number of words Broadsheet - 775� 40 = 19.375 words per sentence Tabloid - 715 � 40 = 17.875 words per sentence Median Broadsheet - 19 words per sentence Tabloid - 17 words per sentence Time taken to read 400 words Broadsheet Length of time (s) Frequency Frequency density 0 < t < 90 1 1 � 90 = 0.01 90 < t < 120 4 4 � 30 = 0.1 120 < t < 150 15 15 � 30 = 0.5 150 < t < 180 12 12 � 30 = 0.4 180 < t < 210 8 8 � 30 = 0.3 Tabloid Length of time (s) Frequency Frequency 0 < t < 60 0 0 � 60 = 0 60 < t < 90 6 6 � 30 = 0.2 90 < t < 120 21 21 � 30 = 0.7 120 < t < 150 11 11 � ...read more.


For the broadsheet, I got an inter-quartile range of 10 and for the tabloid 11. I have displayed these results in the two cumulative frequency polygons overleaf. The length of time to read 400 words also proved my hypothesis correct. The broadsheet on average took longer to read than the tabloid. The mean for the broadsheet was 150.75 seconds and the mean for the tabloid was 112.5 seconds. The means were closer than I expected, this may have been because I grouped my data. I found out the standard deviation for my data to work out the spread of my results. The tabloid worked out to be more consistent than the broadsheet as it had a standard deviation of 24.6471 as opposed to the broadsheet standard deviation, which was 32.1626. When I calculated the standard deviation as my data was grouped, I used the mid point of each interval. I have displayed my results in the histogram overleaf. I used the same article from both papers on all three of the investigations this could mean my results are not representative of the whole papers or broadsheet and tabloid papers overall. To further this investigation I could have used articles from other types of articles like the sports articles and fashion articles. This would have given me a different type of text. ...read more.

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