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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 3580

Investigating the statistical relationship between IQ levels and Maths KS2 results.

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Edexcel 2003 Dispatch 1 Maths Investigation Roman Gaufman Mathematic GCSE Mayfield High School Can No: 6056 Introduction In this investigation I will choose a hypotheses to investigate and use a variety of statistical methods to investigate whether it is correct and prove the fact that it is correct or incorrect. I will make a smaller sample of the database and arrange it by genders and year groups. I will make graphs, comment on them and use a variety of statistical method. Hypotheses My hypothesis is to prove that higher Maths KS2 results often affect the IQ levels and make a close relationship being the higher the Maths KS2 result, the higher the IQ level. I will also investigate gender differences and hope to prove that the male gender does generally better at maths then the female gender. I will then expand my investigation to investigate other subjects and their relationship to the IQ. Deciding on sample size I have decided to take a sample of 180 pupils from the school because it is a nice dividable number that will fit nicely into a pie chart and it is great enough to give relatively accurate results. However this sample isn't big enough to hold 100% accurate results and therefore the conclusion of the investigation should be considered as a respectable result, but further investigation should take place for a deeper more accurate analysis. Bellow, I have made a table of the numbers of students in each class divided into genders and given in both real figures and 3 different percentages to investigate how large should the sample from each year group a gender should be. Boys Girls Year No % 1 % 2 % 3 No % 1 % 2 % 3 7 151 54% 25% 13% 131 46% 23% 11% 8 145 54% 24% 12% 125 46% 22% 11% 9 118 45% 19% 10% 143 55% 24% 12% 10 106 53% 18% 9% 94 47% 16% 8% 11 84 49% 14% 7% 86 ...read more.


13 * table 3 Table Key: No in Db = Numbers as they appear in Database Cmd to Sample = Command to query Sample Spl = Number of samples to take Using the commands in the table above I have made a table that I sorted by number and in the unlikely event of a repeated number, I did + 1 where possible and if + 1 wasn't possible because it makes the random figure go over the Numbers as appears in Database then I subtracted one. After running each command and noting all the samples for each year group and gender, I have compiled the following table that will be used to get my stratified sample from the database. The sample that will be taken from the database is as follows: * table 4 Now that I know what to sample it is time for some extensive copy pasting from the database to create the new summarized database with a sample size of 180. I will begin by making smaller separate database for boys and girl where non relevant data won't be present like for instance: Surname, Forename and Average TV as those coulombs do not posses any useful info to use during the investigation. Average TV may be a factor in lower Key Stage 2 results, but it will not be focused on in this investigation. I will also further divide the database to investigate specific connection between each subject, IQ , gender and will even try to investigate if the writing hand has any effect on the results that will be an easy test to make although I do not expect to see any connection. Investigating Maths KS2 vs IQ BOYS I have made yet another scaled down database with only the values of N, IQ and Ma so I can investigate if there is a clear connection between Maths KS2 and IQ. ...read more.


We see in these graphs even though averages show that the boys and girls are equally smart and get equally good results, we see in these graphs that the girls seem to overtake the boys in lower IQ levels as I already mentioned before but what I didn't realize prior to making these graphs is then the boys catch up and overtake the girls as IQ level goes up showing there is a higher percentage of boys with higher IQ. These graphs do not however show that there is a higher number of exceptionally high IQ levels for the girls and this should be considered so conclusions should not be taken from these two graphs. Less important information to mention is that the program that I used to generate these graphs seemed to have drawn the line on the graph slightly inaccurately so what the graph is attempting to demonstrate isn't as clear as I would've wanted, never the less we can still see what the graph is showing but as I already mentioned, these graphs will have an impact on the conclusions but the averages will play a far greater role. Furthering Investigation To extend further on my investigation, I have decided to create a graph that will allow me to investigate the relationship between IQ and KS2 of all subjects. I have used a logarithm regression line. Analyzing this graph we can see that all subjects have a relationship to the IQ. Strongest being science, then maths and the weakest relationship is English. However the difference between the relationships isn't great to say the least and it is clear that all higher KS2 results generally mean a higher IQ. I originally anticipated the Maths KS2 result to have the strongest relationship to IQ, but found out that Science has the strongest relationship which is logical since it requires many calculations and maths skills in physics and chemistry. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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