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Investigation to find if there is a difference in word length between an American news paper and a British paper

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The written word


Aim to find if there is a difference in word length between an American news paper and a British paper. I chose 2 political articles

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That                                                                        Israeli

The                                                                        New

Increasing                                                                A

National                                                                Of

Whose                                                                A

The                                                                        United

Provide                                                                In

Official                                                                Lobbying

Will                                                                        Against

To                                                                        There

Convene                                                                Of

Detectors                                                                Hussein

Or                                                                        American

They                                                                        Decide

Hundred                                                                Wholesale

Serving                                                                Is

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60;                                                                 Of

Among                                                                Pentagon

Saudi                                                                        The

A                                                                        A

Further                                                                Rogue

Director                                                                United

Overthrow                                                                Naturally

Said                                                                        That

CIA                                                                        Considered

Many                                                                        Afghanistan

Cannistraro                                                                Its

Approved                                                                Account

While                                                                        And

Not                                                                        Is

Report                                                                Approach

The                                                                        This

Iraq                                                                        Occur

Axis                                                                        Political

It                                                                        Putting

To                                                                        Grievances

Destruction                                                                Own

Involves                                                                Parts        

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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