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It is a rainy Monday

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It is a rainy Monday. Rajinthan has to go to the shire (a large racing planet) and his dad has to go to work. Through the window he could see the rain trickle and sparkle, as he got dressed. Occasionally natural weather comes back, when the environment computer crashes. Everything Rajinthan had to know was implanted in his brain at birth so he does not have to go to school. He can experience anything in a virtual reality program. ...read more.


At the shire, he was going to race a bonti named Herbert. The bonti were a new breed of animals, which had been discovered in the year 2500. The bonti were small and slow. He had been the one who had challenged Herbert. The race started and Rajinthan had already finished 35meters when Herbert had only taken his first step. ...read more.


He tried and tried but it would not come off so he fell to the floor because he was so tired and soon he dozed off. An hour later, Rajinthan woke up and to his utter astonishment the bonti had still not caught up. He tried to crawl the rest of the of track. When at last the finishing line came into view he was surprised and he started to cry when he saw the bonti cross the line. MORAL: Always do your best and try not to cheat. ...read more.

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