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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 6138

It is so hot, that is the thought that has been running through my head all night, now it is 6:30am and my alarm is ringing...

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It is so hot, that is the thought that has been running through my head all night, now it is 6:30am and my alarm is ringing... I rolled out of the king size bed in the middle of the master bedroom in a house I had recently purchased, the house more less completely covered with marble, was still ridiculously hot with out air-conditioning in very humid South Florida, no matter for this will all be taken care of by the decorator by the time I return to this part of the world, and I wont have to deal with this irritating nonsense. I told Tommy to be ready to leave at 7:15am, so that gave me time to have a shower and get ready, usually I would not of hurried of to get dressed before smoking my usual morning cigarette, but due to being awake most of the night I has already smoked enough in bed. After my shower I put on a black suit and shoes, a red tie, and a pair of Armani sunglasses. And went down to the kitchen. At the bottom of the stairs sat my luggage, two black leather suitcases and my briefcase. Tommy met me in the kitchen; he made me a cup of coffee, and put my bags in the limo. I met him in the car a few minutes later. It was about an hours drive to the airport in which time I slept. When we arrived at the airport it was a short wait in the First Class line to check in. Tommy and I then proceeded to the First Class lounge, where we sat for about 40 minutes before boarding the plane. We were going back to London for business, I was looking forward to being back at home, even if it is purely for business, we were planning to only be in London for a few days before I leave again, to Thailand but this trip mainly for pleasure. ...read more.


As an extra precaution I have a fifth helicopter follow the first four, which remains airborne above the ship with one pilot and a gunman with a rocket launcher, which I bought of a Russian several years ago, when I used to do a little bit of weapon distribution. Just to make sure everything goes to plan. But this time I have to try a new approach because a few weeks ago I heard from my friend Chief Inspector Turkic, who informed me that Narcotics are starting to get suspicious and starting to catch on to my strategy. Which is why I am planning to use the vans. After about another half an hour, I had a good idea of how I was going to get the shipment from Ricardo in Wales and bring it back to me, but I still needed to talk to Ricardo. Ricardo arrived at my house just after I finished lunch; I had my housekeeper escort him to the drawing room and told her to make Degas a drink. I joined him a few moments later and we started to discuss the planning for the operation. After talking for a little over an hour, we had a very good idea of how everything was going to work, we were just discussing minor details when Tommy called me on my mobile, "Marcus sorry it took so long, but I am standing with Kym now, and she excepts your offer, but before she could do that obviously she had to make sure she could gather the man power you requested, so it took a while. I met the nine guys in the process; she tells me she will be the tenth." " Sounds good, Tell Kym and her friends to come back with you to the house. I want to meet them." "You got it Marcus, see you shortly." I finished off my conversation with Degas and everything was clear. ...read more.


" It is looking that way my friend" "Where is the money Marcus?" "Camitri, give Mr. Degas his money." Camitri passed Carlos the two briefcases. "Happy Ricardo?" "As always my friend you show to be a fine businessman, not a snake like some people I have worked with." "Ricardo I must be on my way, I have a lot of yale that London is waiting for in that van" Ricardo let out a deep fat laugh and replied "See you soon Amigo, like next month, a much bigger operation I am planning, you give me a call huh." "Of course by friend business as usual. See you soon" and with that Degas got into his limo, and drove off, with his entourage following. I then got Kym's boys to quickly load up the chopper with the coke and I told them they could keep nine of the vans and all the guns. I paid Kym the rest of her pills, for a job well done. Told Camitri I would see him back at the house in the morning, and to unload the coke with Fredrick when you arrive home and to put it into the celler for tonight. In fifteen minutes everyone had dispersed except for Tommy and I. Who after everyone left got into the last van and drove back to my house in the countryside just outside London, we had to fill up on gas a few times but we arrived back at the manor at 7:45am I went inside and spoke to Camitri, to make sure everything went well when he got back, I then went down to the celler to check up on my purchase and test it's potency. I had already arranged for a Scotsman to come and pay me a visit about buying twelve thousand pounds worth of high quality ecstasy before I leave for Thailand at 3:45 this afternoon. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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