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Kavos holiday

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                                        Kavos holiday

Here where it all starts! My first holiday with my friend’s without my family being there looking after me making sure if am all right. I can do what I want, when I want and I thought that might be a dangerous combination for me.

Here I am in my hotel room, I did have high expectations of my accommodation but, it wasn’t that bad. All I wanted was a room with a decent view which I got. I was so excited, just to walk about and see how Kavos is, so then we decided to visit the local shop and stock up on essentials (water, food.)

        On the second day we have all started to get a better vibe about Kavos, due to the amazing

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        We decide to go home because we thought to ourselves that we had a bit too much to drink, but had a few surprise when we got home. One of my friends couldn’t stop vomiting when we got back to our hotel room, due to that we had have much to drink! It wasn’t the best view to look at, but I had to help him because he was sharing the room with me. Yes I know, lucky me!

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        It the 7th day, the last day of our holiday everyone seemed upset to leave because, we love Kavos and due to the fact that we made so many friends out there that we didn’t want to leave, because we were having a good laugh, but we did take contact details between us. That when we arrive back to England, that we could meet again back home.

        We arrived at the airport in the evening, we all had said our bye’s to our friends bar owners that we got to know. All of us seemed down and not in the best of moods about leaving Kavos. I can’t stay forever, but I wished I did! I had to come home, so I said bye to Kavos and see you later!

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