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Language analysis skills.

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LI 105 Language Analysis Skills

In this assignment I will be clarifying the meaning and usage of words that are sometimes

confused with each other. English is full of tricky pitfall- words that sound similar, but

mean quite different. The three pairs of words I have decided to under take are as follows,

  1. Sensitivity and Sensibility,  2. Affect and Effect and 3. Accept and Except. These

words sound and look the same and are often misinterpreted when in use. After studying

on each of the sets of words I will establish whether one word can replace another in each

group or whether they are totally different therefore cannot be used as synonyms.

Sensitivity and Sensibility. Sensitivity is a noun and its definition is responsiveness.

Sensibility also a noun, it’s an openness to emotional impression susceptibility and used

for capacities or feelings. By looking at the sensitivity Query Results, given with this

piece of work of  we can identify that there are six prepositions and three articles of The.

The sensibility Query Results contains three indefinite articles of a and four of The. Now

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Line 34 “organism and its environment and sensitivity to

change in that environment”

1b.Sensibility Query Result –Line 40 “ that it offends me, my aesthetic sensibility. Yes,

I wanted the carpet out of.”

These lines do in one way or another refer to feelings or emotions and also intelligence.

Sensitivity here is reflecting ways in which one can be influenced or can be sensitive to

the environment that it adapts its living to its surroundings without being aware of it.  

Sensibility refers to what action should be taken in order to make things look right rather

than having something which looks horrendous. In both lines there a sense of feeling

awareness, and intelligence. Overall I believe what I have calculated about these two

words is that they have similar meanings. Both can be used in sentences and speeches

when trying to describe feelings, appreciation and brilliance.  

Affect and Effect have a very common error. “Affect” is usually a verb meaning to

change or influence, for example, ‘one resistance group did affect any of the others.’

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subdivision of verb.

3. Accept Query Result- Line 2 “The US agreed to accept a limited number of people


3.Except Query Result – Line2 “Learning everything about the old man except a

motive for his death.

This group does not in any way come into a synonym. It has two entirely different


connotations. As accept is to agree, admit and to allow, looking at the sentence. On the

other hand except is excluding one from another. For example, they learnt everything

excluding and apart from the motive of his death.

Overall we can understand is that group 1: Sensitivity and Sensibility is the only pair

which can be a synonym. They both share the same values of feeling inside and

emotions. This means one can be placed instead of another. Group 2 and 3 have entirely

different meanings. If used as a synonym will give a new meaning to the sentence, rather

than its actual meaning. Therefore the sentences can be misinterpreted. When writing a

sentence we must be clear about what words we use that sound the same. We can be

easily mistaken because they sound the same.



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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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