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Life In the Day of Ben Marshall

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Life in the Day Of Ben Marshall Finally, as Sarah Michelle Gellar is about to remove the last piece of her clothing - "BEN! GET UP NOW!" I manage to half open the eye nearest to my alarm clock. Dear God! It's only five to bloody seven! "BUT IT'S ONLY FIVE TO BLOODY SEVEN!" "GET UP! YOU'LL BE LATE!" "Fine... just give me five more... minutes... sleep..." Eventually I get up, due to the sad fact that I can't get back to sleep. No thanks to the bleeding witch, I mean. So I slowly climb down from my bed. It takes me a while to get down because my bed is about six foot high, one of those cabin things with wardrobes and cupboards underneath. Get out of that in a hurry and you'll be paralysed for life. Then I have the most enjoyable task of looking around the house for all the different pieces of my uniform, which my mother couldn't be bothered to put away. A woman's work is never done! I suppose I eat, brush teeth, thump sister, dress, spill coffee, wash face, finish homework on auto-pilot all as usual. ...read more.


I swear to you, no word of a lie, he once phoned his mother from his bedroom to come up and pass him a can of Coke that was just out of reach. She came, too... When we are just about to approach the Village we see Miss Tuffield drive past. As usual Thomas and Adam remark how much they hate her and how much she hates them. Boring. After that no one talks till we get to the shop. When we get to the village we meet up with Boney, bragging about the Sunderland result at the weekend. Well, what could I say? They got lucky this time around but next time they face Man Utd they are bound to get stuffed as thoroughly as the Christmas turkey. Once we get to the shop we realise what time it is. Suddenly it is like the Grand Prix, and we are zipping round the corners like David Coulthard in his Maclaren F1. Yet I still manage to eat a bag or Doritos and a king size Mars. Coulthard never managed that! ...read more.


This very day there was plenty to talk about the main subject this week is the trouble that Paul Astley has a the moment discovering his sexuality. After kissing Richard Christie on the cheek last Friday night. Now that we are back to school we aren't gonna let him live it down it is something that is going to haunt him for the rest of his school life. As the bell rings I go to mister lynch's room to pick up my bag and head towards next lesson which is (as I look to my diary) Music! Yes an easy lesson well sometimes. As usual this week my target is to finish my coursework well actually that has been my target for the last three month but it hasn't worked out yet. As soon as we get Nichola is hot on the trail of sucking up to sir so that she can go into the studio and make it impossible yet again for me to finish my coursework. So instead of doing what I intended to do it is another lesson well spent improving my drumming skills. Also laughing at Richard Fennel because of his inability to play the simplest of rock beats which took me less than five minutes to learn. n ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Marshall ...read more.

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