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Life In the Day of

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Life in the Day Of Finally as Sarah Michelle Gellar is about to take the last piece of her clothing off, "BEN GET UP NOW" "BUT IT'S ONLY BLOODY WELL FIVE TO SEVEN" "GET UP YOU'LL BE LATE" "FINE JUST GIVE ME 5 MINUTE MORE SLEEP." Eventually I did get up due to the fact that I couldn't get back to sleep. No thanks to the bleeding witch I mean. So I slowly climbed down from my chamber which I call me bed. It takes me a while to get down because my bed is about six foot high quite literally. Then I have the most enjoyable task of looking around the house for all the different pieces of my uniform, which my mother couldn't be bothered to put away. Well I suppose that will have to do for the start of my English work because I only had to write the beginning of it, "BEN AREN'T YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE YET", "NO MOTHER!" ...read more.


As I did expect there was no conversations going on but when we met up with Christie they soon started. They where all focused on one subject as usual Jade Riley. Yet the conversation that was going on was only between Adam and Christie. Then once we were about to come out of the Redhead Park we saw Baba drive past in his car. The lazy person I cannot understand why he cannot be bothered to walk to school like the rest of us cool people well apart from Browny. When we just about to approach the village we saw Miss Tuffield drive past. As usual the comments would come out from Thomas and Adam for how much they hate her and how much she hated them. Then once we have managed to get away from that boring subject I suppose no one else will talk till we get to the shop. ...read more.


Luckily I sat down as Mister Amos entered the room. It was the usual registration before assemblies get in and get out oh yeah and answer your name once hard work, not! Once we went into assembly it is like a program that you run through. You go in sit down listen to some story that has been thought up in less than five minutes then in to a prayer. Then finally notices this is the only part that I listen to because it may involve something interesting probably not though but I can live in hope. Once I get in first period it is just sit back and let mister Lenderyou make a fool of himself as usual talking to a class that isn't listening in the slightest. They are more interested in where everyone is doing tonight and who is going to whose. Then as Darron opens the window hells gates open the best paper ball fight of all was taking place with mister Lenderyou goes out of the room. Ben Marshall ...read more.

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