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Magic - I run my eyes over the drab shades of grey and dark grey of the miserably peeling walls.

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Magic I run my eyes over the drab shades of grey and dark grey of the miserably peeling walls. It is barely the second time I've seen the inside of this particular room. You'd think I'd know this whole building inside out, having spent 20 odd years inside it, I think wryly. This was where I'd been sent to as a young woman of just 19. I shudder as I recall the arrest, the trial, and then the uneventful 22 years that had gone by just like that. I could have had fulfilled my dream of being a psychologist, gotten married and maybe even have had kids. Shattered hopes. I reprimand myself silently. Bad company gets you nowhere, I remind myself. Shaking off my negative thoughts does not seem to work. Maybe I just need space and time. An officer stamps my inky thumb on the four, five sheets of paper allowing for my release. I am going to be a free spirit soon. ...read more.


"EZ-link card! The tap tap one! Don't have, pay coins lah!" the driver casts an annoyed look at me, and then at the side mirror, before pulling out of the bus bay. "Can you let me know when I reach Shenton Place?" I say as I dump a handful of coins into the coin machine which promptly spits out a ticket. The driver rolls his eyes, but nods surly. Typical Singaporean. The rest of the journey is uneventful, with me wondering what an E-zee-whatever was. I make sure to sit right up front, so as to observe how these people pay their bus fares without a farecard. By the end of the journey, I am suitably fascinated by the blue objects at the front and back doors which are apparently able to deduct fares from this card even through the thick material of a bag or wallet. ...read more.


Still, I feast my deprived eyes on this strangely familiar place. Suddenly, I realise. This IS my park. The trees and the location seem so familiar because it's the park I've frequented ever since I was a child, save for the 22 years locked up. At this, I become a bit flustered. My beautiful, beautiful park. All cemented here, shaped there, built upon everywhere. I want to get out of here but I don't seem to be able to tear my eyes off my old yet new surroundings. It seems like just a few weeks ago when I came into an area with lush greenery, air fresh, calm, a creation of nature. Now, it's become a foreign place with buildings too tall to be for truly functional reasons, artificial even with the golden sunbeams shining on it, a thoroughly concrete jungle. It is too constructed, too needlessly modified and yet these people still lounge around in these cafes, seemingly right at home. Too extreme to be called an alteration, it seems to be downright magic to me. ...read more.

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