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maths=Data Handling Coursework

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Data Handling Coursework:

User Car Database


The more the mileage of a car the lower the used price of the car. I will use different makes of cars and the choices I have picked are Mercedes, Ford and BMW; however I think that because of my knowledge I know that the Mercedes is a more expensive make of a car and therefore it should have a higher used price than the rest of the cars.

The reason for this hypothesis is that I think that the higher the mileage of a car the lower the used price of the car so if a car has used up a high mileage that would mean that that the quality of the engine for example would be low and that would mean that the used price would much low. I want

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  • The data is there for you, so you don’t need to spend time and collect the data.
  • Also the data was easy to get


  • The data may be too old and not reliable enough
  • Also the information could be miss typed or wrong, therefore making it unreliable.

Knowing that the data may be unreliable but because it would spare me time it would be a risk that would be taken. I know that the data would be most probably reliable because one person collected it and even though they could be mistakes it saves me time.

I will use a sample size of fifteen Mercedes, fifteen Fords and fifteen BMW.

This will be a fair sample because I will pick each one at random so that the test will be fair enough, and in contrast I pick

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The diagrams will be useful because they let me predict future results and also help me set out my data easily, and this will be useful because I can see my data easily but also I can see there is a difference in them and they will be easily to compare to.

The results of the calculations will help me compare the Mercedes to the BMW and Ford and also I hope that when I display them I can predict future results but also compare the results to find a viable conclusion.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Gary's (and other) Car Sales section.

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