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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Essay length: 1778 words

Maths Statistics Coursework

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GCSE Coursework Maths Statistics 14/2/05 Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2 2) Hypothesis 2 3) Method 2 4) Results 4 a) First article 4 b) Second article 7 c) Third article 10 d) Fourth article 13 e) Summary 16 5) Conclusion 19 1) Introduction For this assignment I was asked to compare the readability of articles from two newspapers: a tabloid; and a broadsheet. I selected four pairs of articles and each pair had to cover the same story. I selected the Observer and the Sunday Express as my two newspapers. 2) Hypothesis I predicted that the tabloid articles would be easier to read than those in the broadsheet as I believed they would contain shorter words which more people would understand 3) Method To evaluate the readability I compared words from four articles from each newspaper. I selected four articles from the broadsheet then found an article in the tabloid for each that covered the same story. From each article I selected thirty words using the following method: I studied the articles I had selected in each newspaper and noted that neither had more than thirty paragraphs and every paragraph had at least ten words. From each paragraph, words were selected in multiple of five. The first word selected was the fifth, the second word the tenth, the third word the fifteenth and so on.


Mode 3 3 As you can see from this table the averages are very similar. * The mean for the tabloid shows a value of 3.9 but it is not possible to have a word length of 3.9. So I rounded it up to 4. The graph shows a positive skew for both newspapers. This is not unexpected however as in the English language we tend to use shorter length words more often than the longer ones. At the moment it appears as though the broadsheet uses more of the shorter words than the tabloid, but this is only the first article and so you can't tell for sure. b) Second article The article in the broadsheet was titled "Queen honours war's heroines" and contained ten paragraphs. The article in the tabloid was titles "Honoured at last the heroines of World War Two" and contained twenty-one paragraphs. Table 4.3 below is a tally chart for the above articles showing the frequency of each word length between 1 and 12. Table 4.3 - Word length distribution Broadsheet Tabloid Number of Letters Tally Number of Letters Tally 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 Table 4.4 shows the averages for both the broadsheet and tabloid.


This was completely opposite to my prediction. This could be for a variety of reasons including my selection of articles, my choice of newspapers, the size of the sample taken (i.e. only taking thirty words from articles that contained around six hundred words or more) and using Sunday papers that may be aimed at a different audience than the daily papers. Table 4.9 shows the averages for the summary of the broadsheet and tabloid articles. Table 4.9 - Summary Broadsheet and Tabloid Article Averages Broadsheet Tabloid Range 10 11 Median 4 4 Mean 4 (4.4*) 5 (4.5*) Mode 4 2 and 3 * These have been rounded to avoid having a value representing part of a word. 5) Conclusion I concluded that the broadsheet had the best readability. This is because it uses more shorter words than the tabloid. The tabloid uses more of the longer words as shown by the Summary Word Length graph. This means that my hypothesis was incorrect because I predicted that the tabloid would use more of the shorter words. I was quite surprised by theses results because the broadsheets are read more by professional people and the tabloids more by manual workers who may not have had such a good education. ?? ?? ?? ?? Maths Statistics 1 Maths Statistics 6 Maths Statistics 8 Maths Statistics 9 Maths Statistics 11 Maths Statistics 12 Maths Statistics 14 Maths Statistics 15 Maths Statistics 16 Maths Statistics 18 Maths Statistics 19

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