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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Document length: 8531 words

Mayfield data

Extracts from this document...


Mayfield School Mathematics Statistics Coursework Introduction I have been assigned to complete a statistical investigation around the fictitious data of Mayfield High School, which has data of a real school. I will be completing this investigate for the subject Mathematics: Statistics. By completing the task that I have been set this will help me achieve my aim which is to gain a General Certificate of Secondary Education in this very particular subject. I will be using various techniques that I have recently studied and learnt and captured to produce a successful & efficient coursework. Alternating Statistical Methods will be used throughout this assignment to prove if my hypothesis is either correct or incorrect. Task/Situation I have decided to investigate majorly between the relationship between the height and weight of the pupils and to tell whether or not there is any correlation between them. I will take many actions as possible in achieving pure and efficiently results to meet the needs and requirement of my assignment. To meet my particular aim I will use many statistical interpretations and methods to help me form sufficient conclusions on what I have gained and obtained from the evidence that I will be collecting for this project. My Hypothesis A hypothesis is the outline of the idea/ideas which I will be testing and below are the following hypothesis I have decided to investigate for this particular assignment: o ' Boys at Mayfield School are Taller and Weigh more on average in comparison to females' o 'Key Stage 4 Students who watch more hours of television on average have a lower IQ Level' o ' Left Handed Students have higher IQ levels and Key Stage 2 Results in Comparison right handed student at Mayfield High School' I will now investigate the correlation between the hypothesis that I have decided to investigate and proceed with a full investigation. HYPOTHESIS 1: 'Boys at Mayfield School are Taller and Weigh more on average in comparison to females' Planning I will need the ...read more.


37 5 5 0 0 1.72 56 2 3 -1 1 1.75 60 1 1 0 0 R = 1 - 6(2) = 1- 12 = 1 - 12/120 = 1 -1/10 = 0.9 5(25-1) 24 Times 5= 120 Evaluation of Hypothesis 1 In my honest opinion I feel that I successfully completed and analyzed my hypothesis and I have gained a sufficient evidence to back up my theories. I would like to remind you that my main objective for this hypothesis was to find out whether I was correct or incorrect in my thinking that Boys at Mayfield School are taller and weigh more on average than the Girls at the same school. Within this aim I was also aiming to find whether there is a certain trend or relationship between the height and weight of the students that I have chosen to analyse and as I explained earlier due to the large number of students I was not possible to analyse all students so I gained a sufficient sample which I made as unbiased as possible. MY HYPOTHESIS WAS CORRECT Conclusion of Hypothesis > The Histograms, frequency polygons proved that the results were more accurate and made more sense than that from the random sampling. > There is a positive correlation between height and weight. In general tall people will weigh more than smaller people. > In general boys tend to weigh more and be taller then girls. > By doing stratified sampling, there were a fewer exceptional values caused by different year groups and therefore ages. I was bound to find irregularities within my data > The cumulative frequency curves confirm that boys have a more spread out range in weight, with more girls having smaller weights. In height, boys tend to be taller. > The spearman rank correlation coefficient shows that the correlation between height and weight is strong. > My Body Mass Index showed that there is a strong trend between height and weight > In general the taller a person is, the more they will weigh. ...read more.


had produced showed that my results were unbiased and relatively accurate in comparison the stratified choice of methods and made more sense on the whole.There is a very weak positive correlation between IQ and TV hours although it is not enough to prove whether my theory was correct and there was not a strong positive correlation that I had expected. In general IQ Level does not increase an Hours of TV increase.Some irregularities were found. The Standardised Score and Standard Deviation help me find the spread of the data so the sample is unbiased and insufficient. If I had taken large sample my hypothesis may become more accurate and able to form a successful conclusion. The IQ also depends on the persons surrounding, ability and knowledge and stimulation and motivation which can all play a factor in the results.Overall I have found that my Hypothesis was incorrect and the statistical evidence that I had gained did not back up my theory. Another reason behind my misfortune is the range of data from 7-11 is too wide and I should have narrowed the frame down but now helps me in the future. Conclusion/Evaluation of Hypothesis 3 'Left Handed Students have higher IQ levels and Key Stage 2 Results in Comparison Right handed student at Mayfield High School' In my honest opinion I feel that I have proved my hypothesis in a short span and I feel that the statistical evidence that I have duly gained is more then sufficient to form a hypothesis and if I used any other forms of representing data it would have meant I was generally repeating. Also I feel that I have used the correct statistical evidence to prove my theory and used the right evidence. In addition to that I feel that Left Handed students are generally have higher IQ Levels according to my sampling frame and investigate in this is what I have based my theory upon. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mathematics Statistics Coursework - 1 -Jimit Vyas ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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