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Mayfield High School - investigate the correlation between a certain topics.

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Mayfield High School


The point of this piece of coursework is for me to investigate the correlation between a certain topics that I have chosen. I am to use several different types of graphs and displays of information for example I must use scatter graphs and cumulative frequency graphs and box and whisker diagrams. To obtain the highest marks that I can I must use stratified sampling and random sampling. I will have to write down my thoughts and processes, my conclusions and evaluations.


I need to take a random stratified sample of all of the pupils that I will use. As there is no point trying to investigate correlations for the whole school as there are simply far too many pupils in this school and it would take far longer that the given time to investigate the correlations. So the first thing that needs to be done when taking a random stratified sample is to determine how many people are in an academic year in Mayfield High School. This is not a difficult task as we were given all of the information for all of the pupils in the whole school on a Excel© worksheet, so all that needs to be done to determine the amount of pupils in a year is to look at the numbers down the side of the worksheet. Then I need to choose how many people I will use in my investigation as a whole.

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Step by Step

I will first have to plot a scatter graph with all of the data for my sample that I have chosen. I will then plot a scatter graph with all of the data from the individual year groups separately. I will then construct cumulative frequency graphs for then whole data sample and then again for the year groups individually. I will then work out a mean for the amount of pets that a person has for the whole school and then also then the individual year groups.   I will work out the means for both the amount of siblings and then amount of pets this will then give me an instant example of the average amount of siblings and an average amount of pets that that same person has. I will then have to tabulate all of the results into a cumulative frequency table, so that I can then construct a cumulative frequency graph. On the cumulative frequency graph that I will construct I will mark out then median and then upper and lower quartiles. I will then have a different type of average that I can then analyse. I will then have to construct several different types of variable width histograms. I will then be able to pin point what area of the sampled data is the mode or has the most people in it.


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I can see from my table and graph that the median height for the whole school is 163cm and that the upper and lower quartiles are 169.5cm and 157cm. this would then suggest that most of the people in the school should be somewhere in side of these two brakets.


I will now construct a variable width Histogram table so that I can graph my results into Variable Width Histogram. I do this by looking at the table that I have already constructed with my Cumulative frequency table and then I dicide which intervals that I will use and then merge the two or three intervals and then I have to work out the standard interval and then also the frequency density. So that a Histogram can be constructed.

Overall Conclusions

I can see from all of my combined graphs that there is infact a correlation between the height and the weight of a person. I think that this is beacause the older that a person is then the more time that a body has had to develop and alos grow. But from the mean of heights and weights that I worked out I can see that Mayfield High School is getting to be a taller school and the year sevens at this school are not a small as the year 11s were when they were in year 7. I can see that most of the people in this school show be 163cm tall and that they should be no taller than 169.5cm and no shorter that 157cm. I saw this from my cumalitive frequency graph.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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