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Microsoft Word Facilities

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Microsoft Word Facilities Word is a program that provides the user with a comprehensive set of tools for modern word processing. It allows you to format special documents and tables, create form letters and graphical presentations, and to exchange data with other applications. It is an essential program for entering and managing most text documents. There are many advantages of using word to complete many different tasks and these are as follows. 1. Microsoft Word is an excellent word processing package for manipulating text documents as it provides you with an automatic spell and grammar check plus a thesaurus. Therefore, when producing professional documents (e.g. letters) there is less chance of error. It also has exceptional formatting features which enable you to bold, centre, underline, and change the layout, font and style of your text. These facilities help to give text documents a more interesting appeal, which will result in encouraging the reader to read the document. 2. Microsoft Word also has the facility to produce tables but before you can create a table, you must determine which Office program is best suited to your task. ...read more.


Also another feature of word is that you can add headers and footers to pages to give a clear identification of what the document is about. In the Page Set-up option it gives you the advantage of having then on different pages. 5. More advantages that are taken for granted when using a word-processor is the ability to Cut, Copy, Paste. This cuts down on duplication of work and allows the ability to re-arrange documents without having to re-type the whole document. This is probably the most important advantage which is over looked. Documents can be printed and changed several times before an acceptable version is adequate. Before word processors, documents would have to be re-typed several times therefore wasting a huge amount of time. This is also where the advantage of Print Preview can be used as documents can be looked at before they are printed to once again save on errors. 6. You can use the option find and replace which allows you to search for and replace text, specific formatting, and special items such as paragraph marks, fields, or graphics. You can also search for and replace all forms of a word (for example, replace "make" with "build" as well as "made" with "built"). ...read more.


The technique is quite general and can be used wherever a list of items is to be printed or displayed in a number of different ways. For a small- or medium-size list of names and addresses you don't expect to make many changes to, you can use the Mail Merge Helper in Word. For a longer list that you expect to add, delete, and change entries in, or for a list of numbers, use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. For powerful sorting and searching capabilities, use Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. For a list with full relational database capabilities, for a large list, or for a list you can share with others, use Microsoft Access. If you create a data source by using the Mail Merge command on the Tools menu, Word sets up the data source in a table. The table contains a column for each data field in the data source. The field names are listed in the first row of cells, the header row. Each subsequent row contains one data record. Before you create a list of names and addresses for a mail merge, you must determine which Office program is best suited to your task. For a mail merge, you can use a list you create in Word, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft Excel. ...read more.

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