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'Midenic Reasoning'.

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‘Midenic Reasoning’.

The specific example of ‘midenic reasoning’ that I have chosen to discuss is putting together a new crib for our baby boy.  We had been putting it off for a couple of weeks but my husband and I finally decided to set it up.  I opened the box and placed all the parts near by, leaning them on the walls of the room so that they were easy to access when we need them.  There were five pieces all together, not including the wheels.  There were two sides, the head/foot board pieces, two rails and the mattress board and four wheels.

The instructions were plastered on the bottom of the mattress board so we

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The mattress board was the heaviest of any of the pieces. It was even too heavy to hold up with both my hands

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Once we had screwed the mattress board to the back rail we realized that the instructions which were on the bottom of the mattress board were impossible to read.  At first I got down on my hand and knees and rolled under the crib to look at the instructions but that was getting really uncomfortable. My husband suggested we put the crib on the side so we can continue to put the other side rail up and put the wheels on.

The wheels simply clicked and locked into place, I realized that adding the wheels on before the whole crib was assembled would have been easier even though it was not written in the instructions.

Once it was completed we had both worked up a sweat but I felt a sense of accomplishment for finally putting the crib together.

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