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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 1175

Newspaper investigation - Find the average length of a word.

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Plan I have been asked to do a project about different newspapers. The newspapers I have chosen are: The sun, Express, Times, Telegraph, Metro and News of the world. I have chosen these as they are all different newspapers. I will collect data to see if there is any correlation between the newspapers. The things that I am going to find out is the numbers of photo's, pages on sport, size (perimeter), price and total number of pages. To do this I am going to put the data in a table and then in some graphs. I will then find the average length of a word. I will do this by counting the length of the words in a paragraph on the front page of the newspaper. I will use the Daily Telegraph, Finical Times and the Metro. I will then write what I found out. Prediction I predict that there will be no link on the cost of a newspaper and the number of pages. ...read more.


50p Metro 20p Mean 20+20+20+40+45+50+50+55=300 divided by 8 =37.5 Medium 20 20 20 40 45 50 50 55= 40 +45=85 divided by 2 =42.5 Mode 20 The inter Quartile range is 50-20=30 Newspaper Total pages Sun 60 Express 72 Mail 80 Times 48 Telegraph 46 News of the world 84 Guardian 34 Metro 40 Mean 34+40+46+48+60+72+80+84= 464 divided by 8=58 Medium 34 40 46 48 60 72 80 84= 48+60=108 divided by 2=54 Mode There is no mode The inter Quartile range is 75-43=32 The graph above tells me that the newspaper that has the most pages is the News of the World and the newspaper that has the least pages is the Guardian. Average length of a word To do this I shall select a paragraph on the front page of the newspaper and I shall count how many words there are and how many letters there are in each word. ...read more.


I think that the News of the world is the best value for money. I have also found out that the newspaper, which has the longest adverage letters in a word, is the Metro and the newspaper, which has the shortest adverage letters in a word, is the Daily Telegraph. I have also found out that my prediction was correct there is no link between the price and the number of pages. My other prediction was correct as well there is no link on the price and number of photos and number of pages on sport and number of advert page. My prediction about the average word length wasn't right there was about two to three letters average in a word difference between two of them. Evaluation I could have done this project better if used newspapers which were brought out on the same date. Also to make my average word length better I should of chosen a paragraph about the same thing. ...read more.

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