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On the run Sam and Paul could hear someone coming, it sounded like a wooing sound. They didn't know if it was the police or just a car, so they ran away really quietly so no-one could hear them.

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On the run

Sam and Paul could hear someone coming, it sounded like a wooing sound. They didn’t know if it was the police or just a car, so they ran away really quietly so no-one could hear them. Sam was thanking Paul for saving his life, but at the same time he was scared because he didn’t know what was going to happen to them. They both were very frightened and didn’t know where to go and what to do.  They thought they had to run away because they knew they would get arrested. They knew their families would kill them so they felt compelled to go on the run.

             Sam was looking at Paul’s beating heart pumping out of his chest and saw that he was sweating furiously and looked like he was going to faint. Also Sam could see Paul’s shiny sweaty blonde hair shimmering in the sun so he knew he needed some shade. They saw a cart with hay in it with a rotten cover over it; they both crawled under it and cooled off. Then they both fell asleep because they were so exhausted.

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“You know where we could sleep?” said Paul……”that place we saw when we were walking to the supermarket, on the park boundary”. “Just for tonight?” asked Sam “Because I don’t think it’s going to be warm”. “Ok, just for tonight” Paul agreed.

Sam and Paul started walking to the park, it was pitch black, they were shivering like mad, and they started to jog there as quickly as possible.

When they arrived there they were too tired to think about what dangers were around them. They found the spot they were looking for, made themselves comfortable and slowly fell asleep.

When Sam and Paul awoke they were refreshed and warm. They went to the shops and on the way Paul spotted a wanted poster of them on the wall. It read “wanted Sam and Paul, reward £5,000. Sam is a skinny white male with brown hair 5’8”; Paul is a chubby white male with blond hair 5’7””.They were completely gobsmacked they couldn’t believe that the news had travelled all the way to that part of the country, and that people are looking out for them.

When they arrived at the shops they were looking for some food for breakfast.

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When they got to the cab station they asked for a cab to take them to London. They jumped in a bright yellow cab and asked the cabby to go to London.

The only reason that Sam and Paul thought they would go back to their home town is because they want to go and see their families again and thought the police wouldn’t look for them there again.

When they arrived their families were so overjoyed to see them again they just couldn’t stop giving them hugs and they were so pleased that they got to see them again before they got arrested.

Sam and Paul straightened out their lives and don’t steal anymore, both families decided to immigrate to get away from the police. Both of their ambitions in life are now to get good grades. Paul and Sam aren’t in a gang anymore. They don’t wear scruffy clothes they wear a suit most of the time. Both of them are eighteen now and studying economics at a local collage they are living in a flat together.

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