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Original Wrighting - Fan fiction - The Enterprise saves the Vulcan's chapter one.

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Original Wrighting

Fan fiction


The Enterprise saves the Vulcan’s chapter one

   “Acting captains log enterprise commander Charles tucker in command, captain Archer and sub commander T’pol have transferred to a Vulcan sirot class star ship to negotiate a dispute between Vulcan and Andoria I am command of Enterprise until captain Archer  retu..”

   “Reed to Tucker”

   “Go ahead lieutenant”

   “Were picking up a distress call”

   “I’m on my way”

        Tucker walks onto the bridge reed looks around and sees him

   “Commander it’s a Vulcan ship the Timor they say there taking heavy hits from two Andorian attack cruisers”. Tucker walks towards the command chair as Reid walks swiftly to the tactical station tucker sits down and pauses for a moment.

   “Travis intercept course maximum warp hosi get me the captain”. Captain Archer appears on the screen with T’pol at his right and a Vulcan captain at the other side.

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      The enterprise drops out of warp appearing to be in two places at once as it slow down where it begins to fire phase cannons at the andorians these weapons repeatedly hitting the andorian ships. The Vulcan ship a large clumsy design is spiralling out of control it long warp nacelles which seem to be longer than the ship are leaking electric blue plasma leaking out of them the ship is in fire and you see mass craters of scorch marks. Two flashes of light then two ships drop out of warp there more Andorian ships.

   “Commander tucker”

   “What is it hosi?”

   “The league Andorian ship is hailing us” “sir”

   “Spit it out Hosi”

   “It’s Shran the Andorian commander from p’jem”

   “Put him on!”

   “Where’s captain Archer commander Tucker?”

   “He’s gone to mediate a dispute between the Vulcan’s and your people”

   “Don’t the Vulcan’s tell you anything?”

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   “Transporter room to bridge”

   “Tucker here”

   “I’ve got a lock on them sir”

   “Energize” ordered Commander tucker

       As he gave the order there was a massive explosion the ship exploded the Vulcan’s had destroyed the ship then burst into flames and ship shot right into the Enterprises starboard warp nacelle was cut straight of all the lights on the Enterprise was on fire it seem to be spinning round unbalanced there were mass unease onboard the ship everyone was on the floor doctor Phlox was the first to get up and he helped commander Tucker to his feet

   “All stations report” asked commander Tucker “Tucker to transporter room report”. A dead silence fell on the bridge they’d had a warp nacelle chopped of all station were down it was unknown whether captain Archer and sub commander T’pol had made it back to enterprise or weather they had been killed everyone was looking at each other as a tear ran down commander Tucker’s face  

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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