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Original writing - Journey To Newquay.

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Journey To Newquay The screeching alarm that made my flesh crawl every morning woke me at seven o'clock sharp. However, this particular morning I didn't feel quite so bad as I was preparing to leave for potentially the greatest holiday of my life; eleven mates in Newquay for a week of non-stop partying, hedonistic? Maybe but I was more concerned with getting there first. As followed my usual morning routine I thought of Wessy, James and Minns who were flying down to Newquay, my thoughts quickly returned to Alex, Morehen, Heddle, Greenall and myself and the eight-hour train journey we faced and I felt a shudder of envy. In the weeks preceding the holiday I had been kidding myself that the train journey would be a blast, we would be able to walk around and stretch our legs and go to the buffet car and eat whenever we pleased. The reality though was somewhat different. At ten to eight Morehen and his Mum pulled up outside my house in their family car affectionately named "The Bush Whacker". Morehen created much hype about this monstrous vehicle, as it had previously been the property of the boxer Frank Bruno, which he insisted on telling every person who travelled in it. ...read more.


As we turned the first corner the large suitcase that I thought was a fantastic idea to bring suddenly became a terrible one as we faced several huge sets of stairs going both down and back up again. I decided to tackle the problem by simply dragging the case down the stairs behind me and soon realised the error of my ways as the case careered past me seemingly taking on a life of its own before crashing to an early death at the bottom of the stairs, much to the amusement of my travelling companions. We got to the platform and waited a few minutes before the train arrived. We settled near the train doors so as not to have far to drag our cases off the train. I had Heddle on my left, who seemed to be the only one of us who was wearing sensible travelling clothes, Alex and Morehen facing me, and Greenall on my right. I listened to Eminem and ate winegums until the train rushed through the familiar brickwork arches of the derelict part of Liverpool Street Station, which meant we would soon be disembarking. ...read more.


The voice over the tannoy announced that the train headed for Newquay had arrived at around 11 o'clock and instantly everyone in the station began striding towards it. A shock ran through me as I remembered Morehen saying that all the seats on the train had been booked. I knew our seats were secure but Heddle began to look worried as he had only booked his ticket two days previous and did not have a seat number on his ticket. We rushed to our seats hoping for a spare one nearby but had no such luck; our carriage was packed tighter than the segments of an orange. Heddle simply shrugged his shoulders and ambled down the train to find a seat, looking slightly disheartened. This train jolted in to motion and I took the time to look at the people seated around us. They all appeared to be from the same group; there were around fifteen of them, boys and girls all of a similar age to us. I soon realised when they cranked up the volume on their CD player and began imitating the latest UK garage sensation that this wasn't going to be a pleasant few hours.... Daniel Bloomfield 101 English Coursework Daniel Griffiths ...read more.

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