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PE Coursework

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PE Coursework

Section B

Weaknesses and Strengths

For Harry I have to pick out all of his weaknesses and strengths. On this section I will list all his strengths weaknesses for every aspect of his football ability.



Harry hits well weighted long passes with his stronger, left, foot.

He picks out a good pass a majority of the time.

When he passes, Harry is always looking for the return pass.

His movement after the pass is hit is always pretty good.


Harry cannot pass well with his weaker, right, foot.

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He also varies his crosses well depending on the player’s positions in the area (including the goalkeeper)


Harry often hits crosses behind the forwards who are running forwards.

He has a habit of over-hitting crosses.

Harry cannot cross accurately with his right foot.

He will not find a striker who is in the area on his own.



He is good at chasing back and getting in recovering tackles.

Harry can slide tackle to good effect.

He times his tackles very well.


He often gives away needless fouls.

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He has good power in his shots.


When trying too hard he misses the target.

He panics when one on one with the goalkeeper.

Physical Ability


Harry has good pace over long distances.

He has superb cardio-vascular endurance.


He is slow over short distances.

Considering his size Harry does not make effective use of his strength on the ball

Mental Ability


Harry is very good at anticipating what will happen and counters wingers well.

Harry is always focused for every game and is a good captain.


Harry is not confident enough to charge down goal bound shots.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Fencing Problem section.

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