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Performing an Hysterosalpingogram.

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Hysterosalpingogram By Ziad 13.2 Mr Neil Physics Introduction 1 Procedure 1 After the test 3 Advantages 3 Disadvantages 3 Evaluation 4 Introduction I am experimenting on a 28-year-old female who has not been able to conceive a child. This problem can either be caused by weak sperm cells that can't penetrate the female ovaries or it could mean that the female's fallopian tube is blocked which won't allow any sperm to reach the ovaries. I will be examining my patient's fallopian tubes to see whether they are blocked. To do this I will need to see inside her body with an x-ray called a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG). To perform this task I will need to inject my patient in her cervix with dye (Barium), which should enhance the imaging of her x-ray. I will use the image to examine her reproductive system. From the image I should be able to know if the fallopian tube is blocked. If it doesn't show up on x-ray it would mean that the dye couldn't travel there because something was jamming it. To respect my patient's dignity I will assign female x-ray staff to perform the task and will give my patient a gown to wear and a blanket to cover the lower side of her body. ...read more.


* For example sake a tenaculum is placed on the cervix, after that a narrow metal cannula is inserted through the cervical opening. * Contrast is then injected through the cannula. * If the dye doesn't flow through the fallopian tubes, more pressure is needed to check if the tubes are blocked. * This can cause further anxiety. * While the uterine cavity is filling up, an automated X-ray machine will take images. * More dye will then be injected so that the dye should finally fill the fallopian tubes and spill into the abdominal cavity. * More X-rays are taken * When there are signs of blockage in both tubes then the patient will be asked to roll over to one side, this is to give a slanted image. This might help to explain her anatomy. After the test After the examination she will be given a hand by female staff when making her way to the bathroom and if she is experiencing light bleeding then she will be given a sanitary pad. Some side effects may occur like cramping, dizziness or nausea but these should disappear in about 30 minutes. ...read more.


We needed to use the HSG because it's the best imaging technique for the reproductive system. It gives us a clear inside image of what is going on inside the reproductive system, which an x-ray would have given us less detailed imaging. The image produced shows us where the problem was occurring in detail. If we used ultrasound it would have showed us a very bad detailed image that requires a lot of experience to interpret. The type of treatments it's used to image is pregnancies and blood flow. You couldn't use ultrasound for this treatment. The HSG is very reliable but it can produce undependable results in the case it detects a spasm instead of a blockage. It's a sensitive test and doesn't use a lot of x-ray radiation to perform. In the usual x-ray image more radiation is used to produce a clear image, as for HSG's a little amount of radiation is used and a little amount of dye. There weren't any serious health hazards. Like in a typical x-ray the member of staff hides behind lead wall that the rays can't penetrate. To the patient the risks are very mild, normally fever, cramping or colds in rare cases some patients might be allergic to the dye. 1 ...read more.

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