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Problems that Ben faces in Deathwatch by Robb White.

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        One problem that Ben faces occurs at the end of Chapter 7 in Deathwatch by Robb White.  Ben has to climb up a butte that is so high that he doesn’t even look up because he’s afraid it will defeat him and force him to quit.  First off, Ben is already in horrible condition as it is; his body is extremely beaten up.  What Ben must do first in order to climb this butte is to get on top of a twelve-foot ledge.  He can’t reach the ledge because it’s too high, so Ben piles up rocks.  From there he is able to get a grip with his left hand.  Ben then notices that the rough walls would teat up the bottom of his sandals that he had made out of just leaves.  He tries to kick his sandals off but the knot he had tied was just too tight.  Next, Ben had to jump back down, take his sandals off and get back on the ledge barefoot.  Then Ben walked over to the V-Shaped chimney where he lays across it and swings his body to the other side. From there, Ben must climb the butte with his back and already flesh-torn knees.

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        In the novel Tunnel in the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein, the main character, Rod, faces many challenging problems during his life-threatening journey to survive.  Rod plays a major role in a community formed by young adults involved in a huge survival test.  The test that they are taking has no rules, no boundaries, and nobody to protect them.  Rod shows great leadership in the story and not just keeps himself alive, but helps many people do the same.  But it’s not easy.

        The first problem Rod faces occurs before he even leaves home for his survival test.  While Rod is talking with his sister, Helen, she gives him some very surprising news.  She tells him that their father has a degenerative disease under which he was slowly starving to death.  He has a couple weeks to live, at most.  Rod is stricken from this news and doesn’t know what to do.  He really wants to go on this survival trip and it’s already all planned out, but if his father doesn’t have long to live, then Rod wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

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        Rod faces many problems in this story but deals with all of them extremely well.  Rod was well prepared for everything that happened to him and the rest of the group.  He showed that he could handle everything that was put on him.  In this novel, Rod proves his skills in leadership, courage, and most importantly, survival.

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