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Racism Essay

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Racism Essay

        In this section we looked at racism in the modern world and looked at it from many different point of views.We had to be many different types of people with different views. We had to be very racist to abit racist but we also had to be the coloured people which felt strange having people being rasict towards ourselfs.

        We done a scene where Marian got arrested.We took  the character Marian from abit of text which was wrote in 1950's. The scene of Marian getting arrested was good because we showed alot of different points of

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        We had to do a ritual to a song called "Black paintings " by Peter Gabriel we had words they were





Power and Change

With these words we made a ritual but we were not alloud to talk in it.We had to make a ritual with 5 captions.In our group were 5 people which was just  the right amount because we could discuss our thoughts and also try everyones different ideas out.

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        In summary i have realised how it must feel to be called different or not to be thought of as normal just becaue of the colour of their skin.I now know how this must feel and it must be awfull and this must stop and everyone should be treated the same.

                                                        Nicole Gadd 10N

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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