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Review on short trip to Paris.

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Review on short trip to Paris.

After an hour and a half flight from Dublin - Beauvais, we took the Coach from Beauvais to the heart of Paris. This cost 20£ return for an hour trip which seemed fair enough, this being part of an agreement with Michael O’Learys, Ryanair to bring his Passengers to Paris from the airport.

We arrived at the hotel (High tech montmartre 3***) around 2:00pm and were taken to our rooms via the porter, I’m gonna be very critical of this hotel, as soon as we entered our room the stench out of our toilet was disgusting and it was to remain there for the duration of our stay, I found the staff friendly enough. The selection of breakfast was basic and it probably justified its 3*** rating. The Area, which we stayed in, was very close to Place de Clichy, which is a red light district, I dare not stay out later than 9 o clock in fear of any illegal activity in the area.

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On our short stay we went to 2 restaurants to try out the local food, one of which i am going to talk about. The restaurant CITY ZEN, was situated in the Rue de Seine. The Prices I thought were an absolute joke not necessarily the food but the alcohol, 2 litres of Budweiser cost us 17 Euro, it was served to us in a typical French pint glass which was expanded to a huge size. Very over pricey indeed. In terms of the food, we were quite fussy. We sent the steak my mother had to eat, back to the chef because it wasn’t done enough, The French apparently don’t like there steak that well done, it was practically pink inside, I had a burger which again didn’t match my standards either, but just ate it because I was really hungry. The service I found was friendly enough and the waiter spoke English which was beneficial, the menu was also done out in English which was effective and we could understand it.

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After the brief incident we made a short trip to the L’arc de Triomphe, what a busy area full of hustle and bustle it was quite hard to get photos of just you beside the attraction with people everywhere. This was understandable. I had to admire the whole infrastructure thing the great eye for detail! Everywhere in Paris was magnificent in terms of artwork; the whole structure was perfection!

If you plan to take a trip to Paris in the near future be careful where you have your wallet. Preferably put it in your side pocket so the thieves will find it harder to Pinch. I would recommend tourists not to use the Metro, as I didn’t feel safe on it. If you have the option of using taxis for your stay use them, no matter how expensive they are. You will get a much better look driving through Paris via a taxi in my opinion. Stick to the cheaper Restaurants and cafes and you should be ok. Overall, the main thing was that we enjoyed ourselves, which was the main thing. I would recommend a trip within Paris but keep to the safer areas.

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