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Rollercoasters. I will use the rollercoaster database to answer the following question: Is it true that the fastest rides are the most exciting?

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Mathematical Enquiry

I am going to be completing a statistical investigation from some collected data. This will be obtained from a World Rollercoaster Database. The information that can be seen from the database about an individual rollercoaster is: which country designed it,when it opened, its height,its length,its max speed,the ride time,and the thrill factor out of 10. I am going to investigate whether the fastest rides are the most exciting. I would like to answer this question during the course of the investigation.


I will use the rollercoaster database to answer the following question:

“Is it true that the fastest rides are the most exciting?”

The aim of the investigation is to answer this question.

Here is a list of possible hypotheses:

  1. Faster rides are the most exciting.
  2. There is a relationship between the max speed of rollercoaster’s and their thrill factor, although the correlation is not consistent.
  3. Faster rides are not necessarily the most exciting.

I think that faster rides tend to be more thrilling and daring, so therefore more exciting. For this reason, I believe that hypothesis a) is correct. Prior to collecting the results, I will create a questionnaire to give to people on their thoughts of this prediction.

I will need to collect data for max speed (km/h) and the thrill factor out of 10 for a selected rollercoaster. This is quantitative data as it is numerical.

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No, I don’t

The results of the questionnaire indicate that 75% of people believe that the fastest rides are the most exciting. Only 5% thought that there was no relationship and 20% of people were undecided. I would therefore expect the fastest rides to be the most exciting.

On the following page you can see the copy of the World Roller Coasters Database.

Roller Coaster

Max Speed

Thrill Factor


out of 10

Top Thrill Dragster






Tower of Terror



Steel Dragon 2000



Millenium Force






Thunder Dolphin









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I feel that the sample I used was large enough to represent the population because 60% of the data was used. This provided sufficient results, as well as being practical and manageable. The data I collected was a very accurate representative of the population of the data table, as the random sample ensures that each member (piece of data) in the population (data table) has an equal chance of being selected.

The results of my findings were exactly as I had predicted, so I did not need to change or add to my hypothesis in any way. If the investigation was repeated y somebody else, I would expect the results to be the same, as the people in the questionnaire generally agreed with my prediction. If I were to carry out the investigation again, I think I would try and incorporate more questions into the hypotheses, such as “are the oldest rides the slowest?” or “are the most recent rides the most exciting?”

If somebody else was to read my report, I think they would find it relatively easy to understand my hypotheses, experiments, data collections, calculations and results. I feel that the mean calculation was irrelevant to the investigation as it did not effect my conclusions in any way.

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