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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 1554

Science Coursework Investigation

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Science Coursework Investigation:

Ball Rebound


Ball Rebound


  •  Golf Ball
  • Metre Ruler
  • Thermometer

Golf Ball: This piece of apparatus is the key part of my investigation. We will be testing how high the golf ball will rebound up when it is dropped from different heights. This piece of apparatus is crucial.

Metre Ruler: This piece of apparatus will help us unfalteringly have a precise result when measuring the height of what the golf ball reached when dropped. It will also help show us precisely where to drop the golf ball as we increase in height.

Thermometer: This piece of apparatus will be used to record the temperature of the room when the experiment is taking place. This is to see if the temperature of the room has any effect on the end result of the experiment.

The factor that I am going to vary in this investigation to make it as different and as accurate as possible is the release height. The release height will vary as we increase the height of where we will drop the golf ball. This means we can see the variety of how far apart each result is for example the fact of how much speed the ball will get by being dropped from a higher height. This factor is important.

The Factor I intend to measure to provide my results is the rebound height of the golf ball.

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Standing on the chair: This safety point we will have to be careful of when doing the investigation. As one of us will be standing on the chair dropping and catching the golf ball at different heights, it’s key that whoever is on the chair is supported and safely on it, so there is no danger of the person falling of and hurting themselves.

I will be recording lots of measurements and to make this experiment as fair and just as possible. I will do a minimum of 5 release heights, with 3 results of each height so I can get an average out of the three. Each result will be in cm.

My perception of what the final outcome will be is that as we slowly progress in height, the ball will rebound higher as it will be increasing in height as it moves up. On the other hand it will decrease in height at a much lower level. The bounce of the ball will be consistent all the time, so there is no need to worry about changing the ball, or the ball getting damaged because a golf ball has a very tough exterior. So the outcome I think will be that when the ball is released it will increase at a higher height and will not rebound as high on a smaller height.

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If I could do the experiment again I would place the metre rulers in a place where it was easier to reach too. Also a location where it would be safer for the person dropping the golf ball.

I think the evidence we collected was good, we did it as accurately as possible to make this experiment as fair and just as we could. The results all seemed to be what we expected no odd ones. The fact that we did 3 results from each height made our job much easier in the way that we could get a good accurate result, and we were fair at the same time.

I think our results are very reliable, the evidence is as clear as we could make it. The 3 results of each height are all pretty similar for example when we released the golf ball at 50cm, the results we got were: 33, 35, and 39 which are all pretty similar.

In conclusion I enjoyed doing this experiment I thought the group worked well and it was interesting and fun to do. If there is one main think I would have liked to have done is, recording the height the golf ball reached with a video camera. Then when playing it back I could have paused the video at the exact moment where the golf ball reached its highest rebound height. This would have made the experiment much more accurate. However I think we did well, we got good results and we tried to be as just and fair as possible.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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