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Show How Colin's Character Develops Through the Novel - Two Weeks With The Queen is a children's novel by Morris Gleitzman.

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Show How Colin’s Character Develops Through the Novel        23/5/01

“Two Weeks With The Queen” is a children’s novel by Morris Gleitzman. It is about a young boy named Colin who has a brother called Luke who has cancer. He goes to England to find the best doctor in the world and his attitude changes and becomes more mature. The reader can see that Colin’s attitude changes from the beginning to the end.

At the start of the book Colin’s character is very immature as he is jealous as Luke seems to get everything he wants. No-one seems to be paying any attention to Colin and he is feeling mad.

“Colin scowled”.

It is clear that Colin is feeling moody and grumpy and behaving as if Luke gets everything he wants. They show this by clearly saying the word scowled which is a good describing word showing what Colin is feeling in that moment in time.

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Colin is coming to terms that Luke may die but he does not fully understand.

Colin’s parents think it is best if Colin goes to stay with Auntie Iris and Uncle Bob in England to take his mind off things and to get him out of the way. Colin thinks that by going to England he will find the Queen who will get the best doctor in the world to cure Luke’s cancer but he has to find the Queen and find how to get to Buckingham Palace.


Colin tried to talk to the guard to say that his brother has cancer and it is very important.

Colin is desperate to find the Queen and he doesn’t know what he is doing.

“Look”, said Colin “I’ll give you ten pounds if I can use your phone”.

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“Is that why they bashed you up”?

Colin asking Ted that did they get beat up because he was gay. Colin started to feel sorry for Ted as well.

“I’ll clean it up”.

Colin knows Ted is in pain and cannot do much so he will try and help him by tidying up the mess on the floor. This shows Colin is a caring and kind person.

Colin goes to the hospital to see Griff and Griff is so pleased to see Ted.

“Colin suddenly felt like the intruder. Give them a bit of time alone the thought”.

Colin is grown up and realising that they need some time alone so he is more caring and thoughtful at this point. Colin knows the best thing is that Luke needs Colin and needs to be with him so he flies back to Australia to spend Luke’s last days with him. Overall, you can see that Colin’s character has developed and has matured a lot through the course of the book.

Richard Harris  

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