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Sociology Coursework

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Sociology Coursework – Chapter 1

Topic area: Stereotyping by Sexuality

I have chosen this topic area because it is something which has had a lot of media attention. I personally do not know about the area in great detail so I would like to learn more. It is a relatively taboo subject, not spoken or thought about out rightly by many people; therefore I would collate some very individual and new information from different types of people. There are many areas of my topic which people will be able to talk about within my investigation methods. Also, sexual stereotyping is something which I will be able to research fully and gain a lot of information about to fulfil my aims for my coursework. It will be possible to make the most of my subject area so as to complete the coursework to the best of my ability. Sexual stereotyping is an unexplored subject which I would love to venture into.

My question

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Socialisation - This may appear in my coursework because I may talk about the role of socialisation in terms whether it has an effect on sexuality.
  • Bias – I may come across bias if I interview or use a questionnaire on someone who has favouritism towards a certain sexuality therefore favouring them more and not being impartial.
  • Homophobia – I will come across homophobia when interviewing or receiving a questionnaire from someone who demonstrates prejudice against homosexuals.
  • Traditional norms and values – I may come across traditional norms and values when interviewing or receiving a questionnaire from someone who believes in their views on homosexuality because of opinions that have been passed down from their parents to them during their childhood.
  • Sexual preference – I will come across sexual preference if I interview someone or receive a completed questionnaire from someone who is passionately heterosexual or homosexual therefore they may have different views.

Lots of research has been done in terms of homosexuality for example Michel Foucault the sociologist wrote the book

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Evaluate my whole piece of coursework well so as to outline what I have found out and what I now understand from all of my work.Analyse my research results to help grasp the answer to my question. Use appropriate and effective methods in researching my question.


My prediction for my piece of coursework is:

  • I think that there will be lots of differences in opinion between the age groups because of the different ways people are brought up and the values and norms that are passed on between generations.
  • Between sexes I think it is likely there will be a strong difference due to the difference in male and female opinions and the way socialisation differs between male friends and female friends.
  • I think the older females and younger females will have views in common with one another.
  • I think the older males and younger males will have views in common with one another.
  • I think I am likely to find some very interesting information from all of my research about differences of attitude between sex and age which will benefit my whole piece of coursework immensely.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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