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Some of the characters in Daz 4 Zoe choose to rebel write about: What they rebel against and How they rebel.

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Louise Morez                                                                                                02/05/2007

NEAB Exam Work

“Daz 4 Zoe”

Some of the characters in Daz 4 Zoe choose to rebel write about:

What they rebel against

How the rebel

The results of the rebellion

The writer’s purpose in presenting these rebellious characters

Daz and Zoe live very different lives, they both have different cultures but seem to have a lot in common.

Daz and Zoe both have different attitudes towards the DS, Dred and their lifestyles.

Silverdale is a comfortable and safe place to live but is very restricted to what people can do, there are no nightclubs to go to in Silverdale they have health clubs and youth clubs. This is one of the reasons Zoe decides to go chippying, to see what life is like outside of the fences.

Zoe soon realises that Silverdale is a prison with the “light and fences and guards” keeping the subbies in and the chippies out.

Zoe is “fourteen” and lives with her parents in Silverdale, her dad is an estate agent and works with Mr Wentworth, that’s how Zoe knows Tabbie Wentworth because she goes to school with Zoe.

Zoe rebels at the way that the people are treated who live in Rawhampton she doesn’t understand why they can’t take the fences down and all live together.

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Miss Moncrieff made Zoe write out “forty five” lines each line for each minute she wasted in class.

She did it and at the bottom of the last sheet of paper she scrawled “brainwashing”.

After she handed it in people started calling her chippie lover and no one would speak to her.

After “DS” visited Zoe about the “brainwashing” and the constant arguments with her father she decided to run away.

Zoe manages to find herself in the arms of the man she “loves” but she had to leave her family behind.

The results of Zoes rebellion are a bit drastic and she begins to wonder “have I done the right thing”.

Robert Swindell writes from a strange angle about “Daz 4 Zoe” and it is clear that he doesn’t believe that there should be a divided society.

He uses this strongly in Zoes rebellion when she argues with her teacher over the “franchise bill”

Daz’s life is very different to Zoes, he lives in Rawhampton which has “streets” that are “cracked” and “broken”. Chippies “live in squalor housing” and in “derelict inner cities” and have “poor schools”.

Daz lives in the “tallest” apartment block with his mother. The apartment had “cement” floors and the walls where once “yellow” before the damp had set in.

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Even though her grandmother is “one hundred and four” she has never forgotten his name.

 Zoe finds out that her grandmother is “FAIR” and that she “founded” the “unit” after she originally thought that Mr Wentworth was the leader of fair.

This comes a shock to Zoe because she start to think of her Grandmother sweet old face on a wanted poster.

Zoe’s Grandmother often talked to Zoe about how Rawhampton used to be with out the “light and fences and guards” and Zoe finds it hard to imagine it with crowds of people, shops and beautiful scenery.                                                          

Zoes Nan lives in the senior citizens apartment block in another part of Silverdale, the apartments were built by Paul Wentworth.

Mr Wentworth rebelled by being in “fair” because he was so successful at being an estate agent no body would have even dreamt of him being in “fair”.

When “DS” found out he was in “Fair” they made him and his family move out of Silverdale into Rawhampton and become chippies.

With the Wentworths being involved in “fair” it meant that they supported chippies and didn’t think that it was fair in the way that they were being treated.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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