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Something, which I am interested in, is building plastic model kits.

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Personal Essay

        Something, which I am interested in, is building plastic model kits. These models are made from manufacturers such as air fix etc. These models come in parts that are ready to be put together with glue and painted. These models come in different difficulties, the different difficulties are numbered one to four. One for the absolute beginner working to four which is for the more advanced modeling, just now I am working on models of difficulty level three. These models come in all different types e.g. Boats, rockets, cars and planes.

        I started to model when I was about five, my father helped me at this point, and I started making planes of difficulty one. By the time I was about seven I had made about five planes, these were all world war two fighter planes. From when I was about seven I did not build anymore models until I was about twelve at this point I started to go a bit different and build things like boats and other things.

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        The Smit Roterdamn was quite easy after I got used to the modeling techniques again e.g. cutting and filling the plastic, melting plastic to permanently stick something. I also invested into buying a modeling knife set. This boat started in about one hundred and fifty parts. There were about fifty main parts and one hundred small parts; these were needed to complete the model. This ship cost around fifteen pound but then you need to buy the paint and the glue. I started the same day that I got the kit. The first thing that I had to do was to paint all the necessary part that I needed for the first five or six stages on the instructions. This is usually the trickiest part of the whole build process. In cars and planes this is the part where you paint the pilot or the driver. I then left the parts that were painted and left them to dry over night.

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        I really enjoy model making because it requires skill, patience and long periods of time to complete the models. This is not a hobby, which can be done in a few hours. This is another way to pass the time in the winter when it is to cold to go out or to go do my other hobby, which is fishing. I go fishing in the summer months and build models in the winter months. Model building is another way to get away from the television and video games. This is also another great, enjoyable way to pass the time where you have got nothing to do or you are bore doing what you are doing.

        Kit models are widely available and are not too expensive to buy; it is all the other necessaries that you need which cost the most. There are model shops spotted all over the country. My closest one is in paisley. You do not have to go to a model shop to get kit models they are available in some toyshops as well.

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