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Sport Research project - write a report for John Whittaker detailing different types of data, identifying such topics as accuracy, precision, reliability, and validity.

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Sport Research project

1. Terms of Reference

I have been asked to write a report for John Whittaker detailing different types of data, identifying such topics as accuracy, precision, reliability, and validity. It has to be submitted on the 30th March 2004.

2. Procedure

The methods that I will use are;

  • Books
  • Class notes from previous lessons

3. Findings

My findings for the different types of data are as follows;


These are the different types of quantitative data;

  • Primary Data
  • Secondary Data

Primary Data: is obtained directly through practical activities such as observation, surveys, and experiments.

Observation means that the situation is of interest and is checked, and a person or some mechanical device records the relevant facts, actions, or behaviours. Accurate data about what people do in certain situations is provided by observation.

Surveys or questioning involves using a questionnaire to ask people questions to secure the desired information.

Experiments: in an experiment, a researcher selects matched groups, gives them different experimental treatments controlling for other related factors, and checks for differences in the responses of the experimental group and control group.

Secondary Data: is obtained from secondary sources – paper based publications such as journals and books, electronic sources. It has already been gathered or published for some other purpose. It is faster to collect and less expensive than primary data.


There are ten types of data as follows;

Ordinal Data: ordinal data measurements imply the ability to put data into rank order.

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It is expected that boys are heavier than girls as they have a larger muscle mass because they have more testosterone. As muscle weighs more than fat, a girl of the same height and size of a boy will be lighter because she should have more fat. If I was using scientific facts in order to work out a prediction for my final results I would have to say that weight does not affect the height a person can jump because the test I am going to use is a power test, and the power will come from each persons muscles in the legs. So if somebody has big leg muscles it means they are going to be pretty heavy yet they are quite likely to have strong leg muscles as regular exercise can increase muscle size.

I am going to conduct an experiment in order to find out whether weight affects the height that a person can jump. Using the vertical jump test will test this. I will use scientific facts as a way of predicting the result and I will use the average height jumped for each person, then compare it with the weight of that same person in order to get my results for my experiment. I have chosen to do this experiment because I think that my results will prove the scientific prediction wrong. I believe that weight does

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11 stone




My results have found that weight does affect the height a person can jump. This is proved as the heaviest person jumped the lowest height and the lightest person jumped the highest height. I cannot say why these results have been found as there were not enough tests done to ensure accurate results. Therefore my answer is closer to an estimate than a fact.

Other variables needed to take in consideration are:

  • Disabilities: - a person with an ankle disability will find it harder to jump as high as a person without an ankle disability.
  • Medical Conditions: - a person who could have a bruised muscle in his/her leg might not be fit enough to jump the highest they possibly can.
  • Food and Drink: - if my volunteers ate or drank before my experiment they would have been a different weight from what they really are therefore it would make the test unfair.
  • Age: - the human body naturally slowly deteriorates as we get older, so a teenager is likely to be able to jump higher than an old age pensioner.


I have realized throughout this experiment that my test was not as accurate as it could be because there are many variables you would need to consider in order to make fair decision on the result of this test. For example, if one of my volunteers was a basket ball player that trains regularly, they are likely to be able to jump higher than somebody who plays snooker as you do not have to jump in snooker.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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