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The aim of my coursework is to prove or disprove the following hypothesis: there is a better quality of environment in a suburban area than an inner city area.

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The aim of my coursework is to prove or disprove the following hypothesis:


What this statement means is that the standard of living would be higher in a suburban area of a town or city than an inner city area.  This is because the inner city area is more crowded and densely populated wit less green area, more traffic, noise and pollution than a suburban area.

The town I have decided to investigate is my hometown of Billingham. The reason I have chosen Billingham is because I live there, I know the area well and as I live in Billingham I don’t need any transport to get to the areas I have chosen.

  Billingham used to be an important industrial town around the mid twentieth century along with the rest of the Teesside and Hartlepool area. It was renowned for it’s shipbuilding and steel works with deep docks of the River Tees.

  However the shipyards closed due to competitors in Japan offering cheaper prices, cheaper labour and the dated technology at the

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  The two areas I have decided to investigate are the Pentland Avenuearea as my inner city area and Low Grange Avenue area as my suburban area.

  The Pentland Avenue Area was built between the 1940’s and the 1950’s and the housing takes on the typical characteristics of that time, terraced housing in quite high density, or semi-detached housing with bay windows and small gardens.  If the houses have garages they were built some years after the actual house and most garages and drives were often shared.  This area fits the hypothesis because it is located right next to the CBD in Billingham.  Low Grange Avenue was built between the mid 1970’s to the early 1990’s.  The housing consists of mainly detached and semi-detached housing with quite a few bungalows.  Almost all the houses have garages and drives, in some cases a double garage.  Gardens are large with both front and back sections.  This area fits the hypothesis because it is located away from the CBD of Billingham, on the outskirts of the town.

  In each area I have chosen five sample point roads to gather results from and I have made sure they are of good geographical location, so I get a fair set of results.

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  However there are some limitations to my methods. The scores I will give out on the environmental index recording sheets may be biased towards the biased towards the suburban area, as I happen to live in that area of Billingham.  It would have be better if I had somebody to work with who lived in the inner city area, however I decided to work alone.  The totals from my pedestrian and traffic survey will only shows results from one time of the day, so I don’t get a clear view of the volume of traffic.  Maybe I should pick a few times in the day to get more information and then I could compare results, but this is very time consuming and inconvenient.  I don’t have a decibel meter so I can’t gauge accurate sound levels.  So I consider to be load may not seem so load to someone else who lives in a loader environment, so that will be another limitation of my methods.

  My prediction is that the suburban area will score higher on the environmental recording-index and a have better standards of living than the inner city area.  This will prove the original hypothesis correct.        

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Fencing Problem section.

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