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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Document length: 2093 words

The aim of my investigation is to investigate the factors IQ and KeyStage 2 Results for girls and boys of a fictitious secondary school. I am then going to see how the results differ between the sexes.

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INTRODUCTION The aim of my investigation is to investigate the factors IQ and KeyStage 2 Results for girls and boys of a fictitious secondary school. I am then going to see how the results differ between the sexes. I am going to investigate the following statements, "Boys will have a higher modal and median IQ scores than girls", "Boys are smarter than girls but girls will achieve higher grades because they work harder," and "KeyStage 2 Results are comparative to IQ." I will start by collecting the relevant information from www.edexcel.org.uk I know this information is reliable because the website was suggested to us by Mrs Allen and she is a reliable source. The next step is to collect a sample size. I have chosen to use stratified sampling and to take a percentage of 10% of both girls and boys from each year. So for example, if there are 200 pupils in year nine, 90 girls and 110 boys, I will randomly select 9 girls and 11 boys from year nine. METHOD I will ensure it is a fair sample by selecting the data using the random function on Microsoft(c) Excel. See appendix 1.1 for my samples. ...read more.


IQ < 120 llll 5 5285 120 ? IQ < 130 l 1 5410 120 ? IQ < 130 ll 2 5660 MEAN IQ Mean IQ for boys = 102.24 Mean IQ for girls = 101.07 MODAL IQ Modal IQ for boys = 102 Modal IQ for girls = 102 MEDIAN IQ Median IQ for boys = 102 Median IQ for girls = 102 RANGE Range for boys = 47 Range for girls = 54 MODAL CLASS INTERVAL Modal class interval for boys = 100 ? IQ < 110 Modal class interval for girls = 100 ? IQ < 110 Standard Deviation Standard deviation for boys = 9.70 Standard deviation for girls = 10.69 Analysis Looking at just the mean average, it is clear that boys have a higher IQ than girls. The boys mean IQ being 1.17 more than the girls. But, as in KS3R, the modal and median values are the same. This shows us that although the boys have a higher mean average, because there are more boys scoring lower than70 than girls, and there are more girls scoring more than 120 than boys, this evens out the median value. This similarity is also assisted by, once again, a limited number of IQ 'groups'. ...read more.


All this suggests that, on the whole, girls do better than boys at KeyStage 2 level. The evidence suggests that boys generally have a higher IQ than girls, but girls achieve better grades at KeyStage 2 level. This could be down to girls working harder than boys to achieve higher scores, as my original statement suggests (see introduction). There is a positive correlation between IQ and KeyStage 2 Results as a whole. This correlation is not 'improved' when boys and girls are plotted on separate graphs although the accuracy of the line of best fit does increase. Over the full range of IQ and KeyStage 2 Results it was decided that a line of best fit was the most suitable model to describe the relationship between IQ and KeyStage 2 Results as they are proportionate to each other. It was also decided that cumulative frequency graphs were not suitable to draw any conclusion from because it was felt that the KeyStage 2 Results and IQ categories were of a limited range (i.e. only Levels 2-5). If I were to investigate further, I would consider the different year groups independently to make my results more accurate and maybe take a larger sample size to increase reliability. APPENDICES ...read more.

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