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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 2467

The aims of this report are to explore the effects of taking those weight loss medicines.

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Research Report: The effect of taking medicine to lose weight in Hong Kong

“The effect of taking medicine to lose weight in Hong Kong”

Table of Contents


A. Introduction


1.   Abstract                                        


2.   Methodology


3.   Recommendations


B. Discussion


                1.        Different media influence

                                a. Television

b. Pop star

c. Magazine

d. Films

e. Advertisement







2. Effects on people

a. Health damage


b. Economical burden


c. Addiction


C. Conclusion


D. Works cited


E. Appendix       (Main results of the questionnaire)


A. Introduction

  1. 1. Abstract

The aims of this report are to explore the effects of taking those weight loss medicines. Why Hong Kong peoples are still willing to spend a great amount of money on weight loss medicine? What do they acknowledge on the medicine? What factors are attributable to the trend of weight loss? What are the medicine’s common ingredients are?

Besides, we have done a survey in November to collect the attitudes of HKU SPACE Community College students onthis issue. We conducted this survey from 25 female and 25 male.  In the following sections, we are going to interpret the results we got from the survey and give out the recommendations that follow.

2. Methodology

We have interviewed 50 students (25 are male and 25 are female). The reason why we distribute the questionnaire to males and females equally because we want to find out the whether there are any difference in weight losing between two opposite sex.

...read more.


b) Pop star:image00.png

Nowadays, many medicines producer always invited pop star or celebrities to represent the product in order to show the product is effective. For example, GiGi Leung is the representative of FANCL HOUSE. She always says that slimming product of above company is effective in advance. From our research shows that people buy these slimming products based on their “idol” in high probability because consumer always likes to imitate and follow their “idol”. Actually, the consumer does not know whether these slimming products are suitable for them or not.

c) Magazine:

You can find that a huge amount of magazines have slimming pill’s advertising no matter what kind of magazine. There are a lot of posters related to taking medicines to loss weight. Some companies not only promote their product in the public magazine, but also use their brand name to publish their own booklet in order to promote their product, such as the FANCL HOUSE.

d) Films:

Some firms nowadays use “weight loss” for their topic that it has a factor using slimming pills. “My Left Eye Sees Ghosts” is an example. In this film, the girl was encouraged to take slimming pills when she eating too much. It is obviously that people are used to take the medicines to keep fit and reshape their body to an ideal one.

e) Advertisement:

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Compare with males, the main motivating factor of females is completely different. The majority of females said that the purpose for them to keep fit is peer recognition. This may due to the fact that females are more concern their body shape than males. 10 out of 17 claimed that they loss weigh for fitness and others said that they do that for health.

4. Amount that the users spend for buying the pills each month.

The implications of this chat that the majority of users spends $400 to $600 to buy these products (60%),by the far the largest portion of users spend less than $800 each month(94%), a minority of users only spend more than $800 to buy this kind of medicines(6%). Therefore, the result of this survey is different from the “CHOICE MAGAZINE” which claimed that the users of weigh loss medicines spend more than one thousand Hong Kong Dollars each month. This shows that the main users of slimming pills are the working population but not the students.

5. Medium for users to get the information image04.png

How did the users get the information of weigh losing medicine? The main source of information is mass media. 16 out of 29 users claimed that they found the information either from television or radio broadcast. Others knew these products from newspapers, advertisement and other forms of media. 5 out of 29 said that they use the product just because their idol uses it, so they follow. The minorities knew the product just because the products are popular.

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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