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The Ford Motor Company - what is does.

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The Ford Motor Company is a franchise business. As a Franchise company the ford motor company gets the benefit of the franchisor’s  expertise in marketing and operating. The ford motor company therefore has the responsibility of running the business on a day-to-day basis and can keep most of the profits however the ford motor company must raise most of the capital and pay an initial licensing fee to the franchisor.


-There is less risk than starting the ford motor company as a sole trader and a higher survival rate over the first five years.

-Selling a known name to the public

-Advice, guidance and expertise from the franchisor.

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At Ford, people come first. As a company, they are responsible for the welfare of our customers, their employees and our society. Their approach must also be in complete harmony with the needs of the environment, and with the requirements of modern technology.

Model introduction

 Focus CL - from £10,645  

 The Focus CL sports a surprisingly good specification for its great value price. Twin front airbags and a Safeguard engine immobiliser bring peace of mind, while advanced Control Blade independent rear suspension and power steering guarantee a rewarding drive.  

 More about Focus CL

Focus LX - from £11,250  

A small step in price brings plenty of added style and ‘driver friendly’ features, such as air conditioning, remote control central locking, heated front windscreen and radio/CD player.

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Focus Ghia - from £13,500  

If you like to surround yourself with luxury, the Focus Ghia is for you. With its fully adjustable, leather-cover steering wheel, wood-effect door and facia trim as well as air conditioning, the Focus Ghia whispers luxury at every turn.  

Focus ST170 - from £16,100  

Developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the Focus ST170 combines performance, good looks and handling qualities that make it a true driver’s car. It offers maximum control and precision and 0-62 in 8.2 seconds for a truly thrilling ride.  

 Focus RS - from £20,100  

 The Focus RS has been inspired by the Focus World Rally Car programme and Ford’s RS heritage.


The Burns garages is a sole proprietor business ownership that sell car parts, used and new cars and they also offer services such as car services and repairs.  


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