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The Mysterious Train.

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Birun Patel English GCSE Coursework Creative Writing- The Mysterious Train I used to rely on trains very often on my way to work, so I was familiar with every sound down to the last detail. As soon as I reached the platform I could gain a sniff of the damp electrical smell which always wafted straight up my nose from the rails which where 20 to 30 years old with thousands of cigarette butts underneath. I could sense that my train was approaching just by the tone of the chitterling sound that would disperse from the rails and the rail light changing from amber to green rapidly. I would even know the exact place to stand in order to be right in front of the doors when the train came to standstill. It became a routine. Two stops and I was at Baker Street, it all seemed too quick . I would barely get a chance to read the first paragraph of my Daily Mail. Nevertheless, at work I would just take an extra long lunch break and take a seat in the park whilst eating my cheese and Branston Pickle sandwich. ...read more.


It was as if the lines where being overcharged with electricity and the high-pitched sound began to get louder and louder. I know had a very intense feeling that whatever it was, it was approaching! I began to hear the sound of grinding metal, like an electric saw trying to cut through steel, I rotated my head to the right to see an oversized , wide tracked and enormous train. This was no ordinary train; it was mysteriously covered in bright orange stripes and purged smoke out of the sides like a raging bull from a cartoon. It slowly began to come to a stop, the strange thing was that there appeared to be no driver or controller. All of a sudden there was complete and utter silence as if the train was in some sort of stealth mode. It was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. I began to tremble violently, my newspaper dropped to the floor and the sound echoed all over the platform. I began to notice my paper moving back and forth on the platform which could only mean one thing... ...read more.


It was like they were seized in one position. I began to panic as I noticed the train edging forward, I blinked for a split second and as I unclosed my eyes the train had disappeared and all that it left behind was a large gust of breeze "SWOOOSH!" just like that. I leaned over to look at the track and to my astonishment, it was as if the train had cleaned the track, it glistened like beads of glitter with a polished finish like chrome, and not a spot of dust was to be seen. Before I could stop to admire it the track began to make a chittering sound, but this was not the mysterious sound, it was the good old usual sound. I looked to my right and saw the usual blue and red striped train with the circular red emblem with a driver inside of course. My heart rate slowly went back down, as I felt secure at the sight of my usual train. The doors opened with a beeping sound and I stepped inside, slouched down onto the seat, and closed my eyes in order to tone down my trembling. Through out my journey home, the one question duplicated in my mind a million times "Was it real?" Who Knows! ...read more.

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